rainbow ymarshmallows

An oops:  The HSD is becoming a family project.  I decided that if blogging and sharing was that important to me (and it is), I was going to have to enlist the help of my children.  They have been a huge part of why nutrition has become so important to me, and they teach me how to help other parents and children transition to better food choices.  So, we have started incorporating computer and technology skills into our homeschooling.  The girls are learning about downloading, editing, and uploading photos.  They are learning about Facebook and how to share links on it.  They are learning how to post blog posts and create recipes.  Soon, I hope we can learn how to change fonts and add graphics.  However, despite the “Don’t push the blue ‘Publish’ button” warning– well, the blue “Publish” button got pushed while I was taking my mandatory MuTu walk (LOL!  That’s a core body strengthening program to help close a diastasis after pregnancy.).  Un-edited, un-revised, and not yet mom-scrutinized, here is a post started by my second child.  Enjoy a glimpse into our real life. 


rainbow marshmallows


 it was project fair day. (a day when you make a board to show what you have been working on) mine was genes. I was looking up how to make a model of a gene and since you have to use different colors for resemblance  of what there for. I needed to color them. so after words I was planning on giving (three of them) some to anyone who wanted some. mary the oldest of sister  in the family can NOT! eat food die! so I found natural food die I put 3-5 drops in a bowl and added in a few mini little drops of water and I got white marshmallows and rolled a few around in the color that I wanted it. and waited…and waited…and waited for about five minutes and viola! raindbow marshmallows

please remember this is about as big as a treat as you should get in a month or maybe a year  

Home style.


10 thoughts on “rainbow ymarshmallows

  1. Tim

    Did your marshmallow genetics lab also include lessons on a “selective sweep?”

    Good job! I see a future blogger in the family.


  2. Elisa | blissful E

    “please remember this is about as big as a treat as you should get in a month or maybe a year” This is a great post! Love her direct style and how she overcame obstacles to make sure she could share the marshmallows afterward. 🙂

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Dear Elisa, Happy Monday morning! I chuckled at the last line too. She drives a harder line than her mother even! Watch out! I think this new arrangement is going to be fun for us!



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