I went through pharmacy school AND medical school being taught that folic acid was the same as folate.  In 2012, when I started really reading on my own about nutrition for my health, I smirked when I read alternative sites claiming to people that folic acid was “bad,” and I disapproved of their scare tactics.  Eventually, I was overwhelmingly dismayed to realize I had been taught incorrectly and had swallowed a half-truth, hook, line, and sinker.  I followed the basic biochemistry, my arrogance dropped, and I realized that folic acid can be detrimental for many people.  You’ll find some biochemistry in these posts and also some discussion of MTHFR deficiency.  There is also some practical information in the form of recipes and prenatal vitamin exploration.  I do also have a post on methylcobalamin, also called vitamin B12, which I include here.

Folic acid or folate? What’s in your vitamin? What’s in your food? What makes a difference?

Continued. Folic acid or folate? What’s in your vitamin? What’s in your food? What makes a difference?

Two Follow-Up Articles to Read on Folic Acid in Pregnancy

Fabulous Folate Smoothie (recipe)

Folate Delivery Dressing (recipe)

Thoughts on Choosing a Prenatal Vitamin

What Was the Role of Methylcobalamin in the Alzheimer’s Study?  (This is not about folate, but it is about another B vitamin which is commonly prescribed/taken as a synthetic form:  Vitamin B12.)


4 thoughts on “Folate

  1. Hélène

    Methylfolate works with methylated B12; if taking one, take tha ‘tother. B12 is best taken as a sublingual, my 2in1 is from Superior Sources on Quick microdot and done, no.shot needed.
    And get your ferritin tested as well if you’re tired. Ive never tested anemic yet my ferritin’s very low–go figure. With my RT3 process eating up all my T3 its a lost cause anyway, but most ppl do well with folate, b12 & Fe.

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Have not checked out Superior Sources so don’t know about that, but a sublingual route is better absorbed. On iron, I’m not a big fan at this time of iron supplementation (unless of course labs indicate it is needed). I’m always open to listening to another’s views though to see if I’m missing something!

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Dear Karlie,

      Thank you for the link. I apologize for delaying my reply to you. We’ve been on vacation with poor internet access.

      I watched a segment of the video you linked to. I didn’t have time to watch it all. But I’ve always enjoyed reading Ben Lynch’s, ND internet site devoted to MTHFR issues. He seems to keep things balanced and real, which makes him nice to “learn from.” Definitely a good place to read on folate, folic acid, and MTHFR concerns.

      Thanks! Have a great day!



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