I have personally found butyrate and butyrate-producing foods to benefit my GI tract greatly, particularly in the area of improved, faster motility and also in minimizing my food intolerances.  But research touts that it has far-reaching effects above and beyond that, from cancer to diabetes to beyond!  Manufacturers of food have considered ways to boost the butyrate or butyrate-producing power of their processed foods because of its health-promoting power.  I don’t like processed foods; they’re a deforested, barren land.  I much prefer real foods.  My series on butyrate intends to explain butyrate and how the body can get improved butyrate access and/or production.  Real food matters.  Plant matter is the optimal fuel to create butyrate for our bodies, at least as I understand it now.  (I allow myself an “out” because protein and things like mucin can be used by bacteria to make butyrate.  It is not quite understood fully how effective and beneficially these sources are for us.  Time and research may tell.)

Part 1

Begins to discuss butyrate.  Focuses more on introducing the concept of bacteria in our body which need plant matter to produce butyrate–but it does so in a real-life, approachable way.  Uses examples from my life and imagination to help explain.  (Reaching out to parents and kids to improve diet is important to me.)

Part 2

Recaps part one a bit.  Introduces the concept of short chain fatty acids.  Explains the digestion of carbohydrates which is important to understand later on.

Part 3

Includes a recap.  Then, discusses that plant matter is not making it to the terminal colon and why that could be detrimental.  Reminds “low-carbers” to make sure and still get enough plant matter for good health/colon health.  Sets the reader up for the question, “But how can we get butyrate to our GI tracts?”.

Part 4

“Fun” quiz at beginning about butyrate.  Discusses foods which actually contain butyrate in them.

Part 5

Discusses what “fiber” is.  Very important concept which has been detrimentally oversimplified.  Discusses what fiber is, different kinds of fiber, fermentability of different fibers, and which fibers bring about butyrate production.

Part 6

Reminds us that there is no one, single diet best for us all.  Discusses resistant starch.  Shows some resistant starch content of various foods.  Discusses the complexities of determining resistant starch content of foods.

Part 7

A little, personal ditty.  A tiny recap.  Discussion of supplements, in general.  A list with links of readily available butyrate supplements.  (Remember, for me, my goal is to always get OFF of supplements!)  A list and description of non-readily available butyrate products.

Part 8:  This will discuss how bacteria “cross-feed” each other.  So probiotics can help increase butyrate and also cultivating bacteria which make by-products that will feed the butyrate producers.  I have many of the articles pulled, but getting the article written has been interrupted by research on what is more pressing and expedient in my life.  As of 12/25/15, I am still working on this ever so slowly.

Butyrate and Constipation

Title summarizes post.

Butyrate Is Important for You

Summarizes the known effects of butyrate, and they are many!  Read to see what butyrate has been purported to help with.

A Kid’s Conversation on Butyrate (Fiber–To Way Oversimplify)

A little conversation I had with my kids to explain how bacteria eat “fiber” and turn it into butyrate to help us.  A motivational post to encourage us to eat for our bodies and help our kids do the same.

An External Link to Another Series

Here is an interesting short chain fatty acid (Butyrate is a short chain fatty acid.) series that I was just sent a link to. I think it’s always good to read all kinds of opinions when learning about something. SCFAs: Part 1. The author in Part 3 discusses the butyrate paradox that always prevented me from being an all-out butyrate supplement supporter. I still don’t feel like I understand the paradox (when increasing butyrate seems to be detrimental), but we cannot deny that research suggests that it exists! (Try to eat real food rather than supplement a weak diet, please.)

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