Poorly Socialized Homeschooled Kids

Whistle Transparent

My seven-year old daughter is a poorly socialized homeschooled child.

Think back. Do you remember? Playing at recess when the shrill whistle blew? It shrieked, “Stop what you’re doing. Come get in line.”

At the soccer game the other night, the whistle blew. My daughter kept obviously playing while all the other girls shuffled over to the sidelines.

She doesn’t know the whistle means “STOP” and to file along with the other kids.

She’s a real competitor, and I have no doubt she’ll get it figured out.

My kids run the gamut of playmates–young to old–white Caucasian Americans to Puerto Rican–English to Spanish–doctor’s kids to farmer’s kids–athletic to artsy–Christian to Hindi.  But I can honestly say, “My kids lack socialization skills.”  And laugh.

They’ve got great interpersonal skills, but I am leaving it to the big world to teach them to get in line.  Don’t ask so many questions.  Stop when the whistle blows.

Anyone else watched as their kids “get socialized”?  How does it make you feel as a parent?  Sad?  Happy?  Deflated?  Irritated?

Happy Monday!  (So sorry I’m full of questions lately!)


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9 thoughts on “Poorly Socialized Homeschooled Kids

  1. Wiese

    My daughter is only two and it is not always fun to go through the socialization stage. It definitely took a while before we learned the ropes of how to behave at gymnastics. But here is a fun one we just had occur. Recently she sat with another family at church. She did very well playing with another 7 year old girl. Several times they had to be told “shh” to be a little quieter. Then at one point an adult turned to my daughter and asked her a question and her response was “Shh!” with her index finger on her mouth.

  2. Heather

    I love that question. Isn’t socialization an issue? Yes it is. I often have to tell my children that we can not schedule another playdate/park date/ class because we have other stuff that needs to get done, like math and chores. When my kids were in school 4 years ago they received free time “socialization” for 1.5 hours a day- recess and lunch. On Tuesday alone they have 4 hours playing with all ages and all sorts of games. LOVE HOMESCHOOLING and eating Organic Paleo Food.

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      “LOVE HOMESCHOOLING and eating Organic Paleo Food.”

      Me, too! Thanks for commenting! I also have to shut my kids down when it comes to play dates! And the play dates are almost always multi-ages. Talk about learning to get along!

      Hope 2014 is going GREAT!


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