Miralax (polyethylene glycol)

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Slow Transit Constipation:  A True Enteric Neuropathy (10/15/13)

Dairy and Constipation in Children  (5/17/13)

Research Linking Dairy and Food Intolerances to Chronic Constipation (1/2/13)

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A Desperate Moment When Nothing Was Working for My Constipation  (10/8/12)

Back on Track After Bowels Frustratingly Stalled  (11/3/12)

Diet Elimination (via GAPS diet) Revealing Eggs May Contribute to My Constipation  (10/21/12)

Metametrix Testing to Help Elucidate Cause of Constipation Besides Food Intolerances, Part 1  (10/20/12)

Metametrix Testing to Help Elucidate Cause of Constipation Besides Food Intolerances, Part 2  (3/22/13)

Metametrix Testing, First Page of the Metametrix Test, Predominant Bacteria and Opportunistic Bacteria, Part 3  (4/13/13)

Metametrix Testing, Pathogenic Bacteria, Part 4  (5/9/13)

My Visit to a Gastroenterologist  (12/5/12)

2 thoughts on “Constipation

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Hello, Nandarani–Did you try what he recommends? Did it help you? What did it help you with? I have seen that eliminating certain fibers/foods can help people, but I still feel like in the long run, plant matter has to come back in the diet.


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