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  5. Rashmi Patel

    Have been suffering with digestive issues for the past 10 yrs. Only symptom that I had was a lower left quadrant abdominal pain and I was 23 at the time. My physician did some tests Ultrasounds, CT’s and MRI, barium swallow, finally breath test and discovered H pylori , treated it and never bothered to check if its gone. the pain never went away and couple months later I started with a new symptom, loose stools every morning and this time I went to a GI and he put me on Antibiotics for a month for a suspected stomach infection which didn’t cure anything.

    after about 5 yrs after initial symptoms, pain started worsening and I started seeing a new GI, he mentioned that we have retest and see if H pylori is gone and if its not we have to treat again. Did an Endoscopy and Colonoscopy and found H pylori again

    I treated it again , but the symptoms were worst at the time of 2nd round of antibiotics, massive bloating, severe burping, rectal itching immediately on eating sugar, food intolerances, indigestion, several vitamin deficiencies and according to the doctors we have exhausted all options.

    The stool test for H pylori came back negative after the 2nd round of Antibiotic treatment. O&P negative.
    I lost total faith in the medical community. In the last 10 yrs I went from a person with no issues to a person with struggling to go on with everyday.
    I was doing some research and found about metametrix stool testing. Do you think its reliable enough than the standard stool tests. Do you know anything about the parasite testing from Metametrix

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      That is a rough GI road to be traveling. I’m sorry. I think that theoretically the Metametrix test should be more reliable than the standard stool for enteric culture and O & P because it is PCR based; PCR should be much better at detecting parasites and enteric pathogens. My Metametrix-related posts discuss the 2105 test (which are listed on my page called “GAPS, Paleo..Whatever”, all the way at the bottom), but the parasite panel is a part of that comprehensive test. Here is a post that recommends getting two different labs’ tests to try to “catch” anything that’s there; it’s an interesting read. Sorry if you’ve already read it. (6 Gut Infection Case Studies: Why You Should Get Stool Testing Done ASAP) I’d like to learn why it should take two tests (what are the individual sensitivities and specificities for these tests and the components of the tests) and if the patients who are finding these things on the test get better after focused treatment–or did treatment for these things not really help at all–like your H. pylori finding seems like. So far, I’ve not run into much that seems to raise any flags about the Metametrix 2105/2100, and I am continuing to work through information I found about it. I have been working very hard to here to try to maximize my nutrition rather than chase individual diagnoses, supplements, and herbals; not that that approach is wrong, it just doesn’t suit my mindset, and I’m unfortunately stubborn and hard-headed. I really learned a lot reading the GAPS book, the SCD Breaking the Vicious Cycle book, and listening to Terry Wahl’s(MD who “cured” her own severe MS) on YouTube and reading her website. Slowly, over the last year, I have seen lots of changes, and the trend is in the right direction but so slow; I just have to remind myself of patience. I hope my reply, in some way, addressed your question. If not, please reply again, and I will try again to do better. There are a lot of us GI patients out there who traditional medicine is currently at a loss to help, but I still think we can somehow turn things around. Sharing information we’ve found with each other has to be one of the best options we have right now until more is known medically. I am confident you will find the piece that you need to get your GI tract back. All the best to you, and thanks for your comment.

  6. Michael


    I have had STC since i was 5. It was usually 2 bowel movements a week untill in 2012 i took an antibiotic and it went to no BM a week unless alot of magnesium and extreme LOW FODMAP diet.

    Years later i still have severe STC. If i eat vegetables/fiber/prebiotics i just get more constipated.

    I did a “sibo” Protocol with herbal antimicrobials and it cured me after 4 weeks but when i stopped them it just returned with me having worse off flora.

    I am getting really desperate because i am stuck in a catch 22. My STC is caused my dysbiosis but i cannot cure the dysbiosis (prebiotics) so im constantly starving my flora just to lessen the constipation.

    Do you have any advice for me? I am on a paleo low fodmap diet. I do all the normal things like magnesium etc its just not cutting it.

    Resistant starch looks like a possible cure but im scared it will constipated me even more. Maybe an RS enema? haha.

    I have tried many probiotics and they just constipate me


    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      A cure with the herbal antimicrobials is exciting. This indicates your physiology is intact (the gut CAN move) and certain bacteria present are interfering with motility (perhaps methane) which are sensitive to antibiotics. Both of those points are good news!

      Thoughts in NO particular order:

      1. I don’t think there’s a one-size-fits-all way to progress. I think it will take some component of trial and error. And sure, I’ve read about many types of enemas, without one type ever working consistently enough to recommend. Too bad. The only one that I see is the fecal transplant where people seem to have fairly reliable success—but the ones at home without medical guidance seem to get unreliable results. (And this is just from voracious reading across the internet.)

      2. How could you (safely) modulate the pH of your gut? (Apple cider vinegar, juice–the juice, not so much the pickle or kraut, but the juice– of the probiotic foods, probiotics, tolerated prebiotics) Proper pH will knock down many of the negative bacteria. It also sets in motion proper pancreatic, bile, ileocecal valve, and motility function. Kind of “feeding forward” to prime the GI dance.

      3. Some doctors suggest as a person takes the antimicrobials that they also eat a diet WITH starch. In my mind this allows the starch metabolizing bacteria to be fed and blossom while the more pathogenic, undesirable antibiotics are being eliminated.

      4. I was able to tolerate certain prebiotics/prebiotic foods and not others. Experimentation with this helped me know what I could eat. I can eat more now; things improve. I do best with cold, cooked potatoes. I started with butyrate to see if it would help my motility. When it did, then I transitioned to foods which would naturally allow butyrate production. I was nervous, like you, about starting SIBO exacerbating foods. (I must mention the other day someone said that butyrate constipated some people. I have not read that actually about anywhere yet and asked for details but have not heard back. But if this is the case, it just goes to show that everyone is indeed responsive to different things in different ways.)

      5. I’d love to get my hands on some Mutaflor, E coli Nissle strain probiotic. Not available in the US. I haven’t made the effort yet to get it. It has studies specifically for constipation. I, like you, have found that many can make my constipation worse.

      6. If you’ve hit diet, and you’ve hit supplements…have you hit your brain? I’ve entered down this path now. “Mind-body” voodoo. 🙂 With good sweeping forward motion of the GI tract, SIBO can’t really take hold, right? So what controls in large part your “rest and digest” (parasympathetic system) or “fight off the tiger” (sympathetic) system? The brain. John Sarno, MD (even though he deals mostly with back pain) is where I started with this topic and I’ve read many, many more places now trying to learn about the “unconscious” and its grip on our physiology. DON’T GET MAD AT ME (or think I’m too goofy), but I found and printed this last month and have it by my bed to read before sleep. 🙂

      7. I always have appreciated this post by The Jaminets, even if I didn’t find it fixed me:

      Don’t get stuck. Be positive. There are many, many more safe things to be tried. Explore the failures. Explore the successes. One step at a time. One try at a time. Having STC since age 5 is having STC for a long time. The gut and its bugs have been sitting in a stalled mode for a very long time. It will take diet, lifestyle, some supplements, brain power, activity, and I hope you can come back here in a year or so and tell me which one it was!


      1. Michael


        Wow thanks for the detailed response !

        Well im on the low FODMAP DIET and i tried 1/4tsp resistant potato starch. No insane bloating or anything. I also put 1tsp in an enema and retained ithaha.. very good sleep and dreams. Maybe slightly more gut movement.

        I am taking oregano oil and neem orally whilst trying the RS. Like you said maybe i can grow the good guys whilst killing the bad guys! How fast should i taper up the RS? its hard to know if its hurting or helping due to how slow my motility is. Last few months ive been doing an enema once a week.

      2. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

        Yes! Isn’t that the problem with constipation!? You can’t tell if it’s working or not! Since you can’t really stop your medicines or you’ll run into problems. And since nothing happens each day for days on end… Unlike diarrhea, where if it stops–well, then you know whatever you’re doing is working. Ah, well. C’est la vie. I tapered myself up over about a week; I’ve seen others do more or less quickly. Just remember, if by chance it does work, look for real food sources later then. I’m a big real food fan. I hope it works, but I know everything is so different for each body. So good luck and be patient and persistent with things. (Always being safe, of course, and making sure it’s okay with your doctor.)

      3. Michael

        I am seeing a top gastro soon. He will probably give me vancomycin . He studied hhere

        problem is relapse when stopping. Fecal transplants right after seem to stop the relapsing.

        What i will do before my consult is keep up with the oregano & neem and try taper up the starch. I find that on antimicrobial i can eat whatever i want.

        If i can start having BMs again without enamaz il do RS probiotic implants after BMs

        Take care

      4. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

        Good Morning, Michael: Well, I hope he ends up being a great doctor for you. I know, long ago, I took a round of antibiotics for something, and after that was the best motility I’d ever had. But I didn’t really think that once weekly BM at the time was that big of a deal so didn’t really make a connection; just remember having to stop rounds each day to go to the bathroom for about a month-six weeks. (You know we’re taught that “everybody has their own” BM pattern.) Now, I’m a little anxious to take antibiotics again. I’m at a stable point, and so I just don’t want to rock the boat. I’ll just enjoy my little place for now.

        Does the oregano and neem actually allow you to eat FODMAPS or not those? Because you know all that inulin and pectin in apples and garlic and onions, man, super gut good!

        If you have success, come back and drop a brief line when you can.

  7. Becky

    I have found that I now have a perfect bowel movement everyday if I take a teaspoon of bentonite clay powder in a glass of water before bed. It’s hard to mix in water but I found the best way is to put water in glass, then put teaspoon of clay, let it sit (I brush my teeth and get ready for bed), then swirl it around, drink, put a little more water in to swish around and get clay off glass and drink again. Maybe it would help you too. I found your blog looking up info about butyrate and have been enjoying reading it. I also am a homeschool mom.

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      That is fascinating! I’ll have to look into that. It’s in my toothpaste, and I think, but I’m not sure, that I’ve read about it for chelation maybe. As a still-nursing mom, I’ll have to hold on self-experimentation with it (I worry about heavy metals in breast milk) for a bit! But I look forward to reading about this! Thanks for sharing! And good luck homeschooling! Fun, fun, fun! (Most times…) 🙂

  8. Becky

    I have always taken clay while pregnant (helped with morning sickness) and nursing. My understanding is that it sops up bad stuff and holds onto it until eliminated. I might have to check that out myself, although it’s a little for me/my kids, would like to know. Yes homeschooling is fun (except when I’m feeling too much self pressure).


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