Giving Up Your Career to Homeschool


My Parenting Mission Statement

A Prologue to “Why I Gave Up My Career as a Medical Doctor to Homeschool My Kids”

Why I Gave Up My Career as a Medical Doctor to Homeschool My Kids

Quitting Work to Homeschool

Why I Don’t Like Homeschooling

I Could Never Homeschool My Kids

Claiming Your Identity:  A bad day can make you want some respect!

Why We Homeschool

True Feminism

Don’t You Get Bored?

2 thoughts on “Giving Up Your Career to Homeschool

  1. Meredith

    I’m loving these insights. I’m currently working full time in family medicine and my husband is a “SAHD.” This is not his best skill set and sometimes things are falling apart (missed ballet lessons, late for everything, feeling on edge constantly). We have to find a way to make a change. Wondering if you know anyone who left their doctor job and transitioned their SAHD back to work? Thanks!

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Dear Meredith, I have thought through all my contacts, and I don’t think I know a couple who fit this situation. I’m checking with another medical doctor friend, and I’ll get back. I hope you figure out a great plan. Don’t give up and always think outside the box! If my friend replies, I’ll see if she knew anyone.


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