I think that iodine sufficiency is declining and this is not known or addressed by doctors and patients.  However, what this means for my family beyond simply adding back iodized salt (which I have done even though most natural health people advocate for not using it), I’m still in the process of researching.  Join me and learn along!  Iodine is NOT just for the thyroid!  Iodine is NOT just for the thyroid.  (Repeated for emphasis.)

Many doctors lag behind in this knowledge.  I encourage you to print off copies of the articles I cite and take them to your doctor if you need evidence to support your health concerns.

Iodine Post 1

Explores how iodine sufficiency is decreasing and why it is.  Will provide an overview of where a person would normally get iodine and how they could become iodine deficient (or at least insufficient).  Offers a brief overview of why we need iodine.

Iodine Post 2

Hammers home, again, where we get iodine from in our diets.  Also hammers home again that people are increasingly lacking in iodine.  A few case examples of people who could be iodine deficient, for example, if they have food intolerances of egg and milk, etc.

Iodine Post 3, Fertility

Iodine as it relates to both male and female fertility.

Iodine Post 4, Pregnancy

Discusses that women of childbearing age are not statistically meeting their iodine intake requirements and that the mom is the only source of iodine for a fetus.  Iodine is important early on in a pregnancy, and many women are not on a prenatal vitamin before pregnancy so the fetus can be iodine deprived.  Discusses the important role of iodine on the fetus and pregnancies.  Encourages iodine sufficiency to be obtained BEFORE pregnancy!

Iodine Post 5, Prostate

Iodine benefits the prostate.  Briefly discusses cancer and BPH.


6 thoughts on “Iodine

  1. Third Chimp

    Reading your iodine posts with interest – we went off iodized salt a long time ago, but probably eating enough eggs to keep from driving off into the ditch. So I re-visited Paul Jaminet’s book from a couple years back, and a very good correspondence with your findings thus far. Appreciating the spirit of curiosity, good humour and intelligence exhibited in your blog.

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Hello! Thanks for the nice comment. I’m still reading and working on my iodine studies, write-ups, and conclusions. Got slowed down by pregnancy and baby (and all the reading specific to that)! I am still exploring iodine’s utility in specific conditions, currently the prostate. Just more slowly than I’d like! I, too, have read The Jaminets’ book and blog regarding their iodine thoughts. Great, generous information from them! I’m thinking that some people would really benefit, at least temporarily, from higher iodine doses—but only with good monitoring of their thyroid labs and accompanying co-factors. Well, I’ll keep reading on it more so I can substantiate my thoughts! Thanks again! ~~Terri

  2. Dana Martin

    Thank you for taking time and interest to write your blog and maintain your website. I learn so much from you. Please check into iodine and breast health. I’ve been able to eliminate some benign cysts using iodine. Apparently Japanese women have lower breast cancer rates due to iodine consumption in sea vegetables.


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