Nutritional Rehabilitation: GAPS, SCD, Paleo…Whatever

I like the phrase “Nutritional Rehab” for those of us who are fighting to regain health by shunning the common, modern diet and enriching our diet with traditional, real foods.  I have nothing to gain by this blog except the peace of mind of communicating something that helped my family and me when none of the medicines I prescribed could.  I’ve no supplements to sell.  No paid product reviews.  No kickbacks.  It’s all genuine and heart-felt.  We feel so much better, and I hope you find that path, too.  My site here is not intended to provide you medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.  Please, keep yourself under the care of a qualified healthcare practitioner to make sure your not missing any crucial, dangerous diagnoses.

Most of the grain-free diets overlap immensely, and I think after you get comfortable on one, it’s helpful to learn about the others.  Each brings its strengths and weaknesses to the table.  We started our journey on GAPS (6 months for the kids and 18 months for me), and I find that many of the articles I wrote can apply to any person attempting true “Nutritional Rehabilitation.”  I won’t say that one plan is better than another.  And if you’re looking for a “quick-fix,” you’re in the wrong place.

STOCKING THE KITCHEN (Please note we are mostly dairy-free.)

Our Pantry

US Wellness Meats Experience (good)

Another US Wellness Meats Post After We Have Tried More Items

Food Processor


Be a Vegetable Cheerleader

How to Get My Kids to Eat This Stuff

Some Snacks for Kids (and Adults too

Some More Snacks for Kids (In Order of the Alphabet)

Grain-free Breakfasts

Fast Kid-friendly Meals

A Fun Way to Take Snacks to a School or Team Event

What Kids Who Are Being Forced to Eat Healthy Really Want (based on my kids’ tips)


Grain-Free Diets

GAPS, SCD, Paleo, Whole30, and Primal Diets

Choosing to Move Forward With the Plan

Eating out

Ditch the Word “Healthy”

How to Choose Honest Food

Tip Number 1 to Help Restore Health

Food is for Nutrition, Not Routine Amusement

Keep Trying, Even When You Backslide

I Fell Off of the Wagon

My Less-Than-Expert-Tips for Staying on the Wagon


List of Food Intolerances to Consider


Shopping With Young Kids 

Making Sure to Optimize My Kids’ Bone Health

Non-dairy Food Sources of Calcium for My Kids

Will Unsolicited Snacks Interfere with GAPS

Butyrate Series:  

Helps relate health, bacteria, and plant matter food, with the primary emphasis on butyrate, a chemical the bacteria make for us.  For me, butyrate took my GI success to a new level.  I’m trying to understand why–and how to get butyrate without a supplement.

Butyrate Series, Part 1

Butyrate Series, Part 2

Butyrate Series, Part 3

Butyrate Series, Part 4

Butyrate Series, Part 5

Butyrate Series, Part 6


A Little Overview on GAPS

Some GAPS Soups (Would fit the bill for any of these “diets”)

Some Early Successes We Have Seen in our Family (Again, I don’t think our successes are necessarily confined to GAPS.)

A Bit of GAPS Humor

GAPS Helping My Chronic Constipation

Corn is a Grain (humor)


Overcoming Bulimia and Carbohydrate Addiction

Lab Tests?

Gastroenterologists’  Stance on Alternative Lab Tests (Food Allergy IgG, Salivary IgA, Fecal Microbial Profile, Short Chain Fatty Acids, and Leaky Gut)


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