Food is for Nutrition, Not Amusement

Fruit kabobs

An in-the-car dialogue.

M1, 9 years old, said with urgency:  Mom–we need to go to the grocery store.

Mom, perplexed:  Why?

M1:  We don’t have anything to eat.

Mom, still a little confused:  Well, what do you want?  We have roasted chicken, left-over steak fajitas, pumpkin soup, applesauce, apples, bananas, oranges, grapefruits, vegetables–

M1: we only have one apple.  It’s bad.  We don’t have any snacks.

Mom:  We have almonds, raisins, and I can cut the bad spot out of that apple.

M1, finally a bit whiny:  But (hard pause)–we don’ have anything fun to eat during a movie.

Mom, finally a bit exasperated:  Food is for nutrition, M.C., not amusement.

Almonds, sunflower seeds, pecans, raisins, dried apples, apples, applesauce, bananas, oranges, grapefruit, vegetables, chicken, steak fajitas (no tortilla), honey, maple syrup…I am no Scrooge.  Check out my snack page.  We make these all periodically still in our house.  But enough is enough.  I am a doctor.  I am a compassionate human being.  And I care.

Food is for nutrition, not amusement.  You can do this for yourself and your children.  They deserve the proper approach to food to be taught to them.  Soda pop, juice, candy, candy bars, crackers, chips, fruit snacks, and other processed foods should be TREATS.  You start watching and counting when you see kids eating these things.  Better yet, have your kids start counting with you.  These foods aren’t treats anymore.  They are staples.  And YOU are a tool for the food and marketing industry.  YOUR KIDS are tools for the food and marketing industry.  Don’t let your kids be tools.  Don’t you be a tool.

And lastly, as you deal with food in your house, please, please, please focus on nutrition.  Do not let it become about “fat.”  If we eat whole, real foods, our bodies will conform to a natural size for us.  If we use food as nutrition, rather than a boredom filler, anxiety smoother, or daily amusement, we will be “healthy.”  Please.  Somebody cares.


9 thoughts on “Food is for Nutrition, Not Amusement

  1. lizkflaherty

    Oh, Terri, I know you’re right, but I think food needs to be fun (especially when watching movies.) This makes me think of a boss I once had who said we weren’t supposed to have fun at work–we were supposed to work. Most of us could do both, and it made the days better. I think having food be fun makes days better, too. Of course, if I didn’t think this, I’d be healthier and thinner. 🙂

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Hi, Liz! Thanks for allowing me the spot to make my post longer (I’m working harder to keep posts shorter. LOL!)–What’s wrong with a bowl of dry, salted, roasted almond to munch on during the show? Raisins? Better yet–mix the almonds, raisins, and a few chocolate chips together. What’s wrong with a cut apple dipped in honey? What’s wrong with a banana smeared with some almond butter? Real food. Real snacks. Halloween is coming. Treat food for sure. A birthday is coming up. Treat food for sure. Christmas and all of its fun festivities (and baking)–treats. Plus, the occasional home baked goods we have for desserts. Our culture has an epidemic with obesity and poor health from lifestyle, and it’s tearing my heart out. A child shouldn’t have to start out life 20 pounds overweight. Shouldn’t have to deal with food intolerances from wheat and dairy proteins added to their cold meat cuts. I had an eating disorder. I don’t want my kids to go there. EVER. And I will never go back there. But I want them to see what real food is and how their bodies need it and how they’re being twisted by manufacturers to “buy, buy, buy” foods that are intentionally made to be addictive. Twisted to make your brain want another and another. I agree. Food can be fun and delicious, but the boxed snacks HAVE to go. We in our house eat chocolate chip cookies, pumpkin pie, chocolate chip pancakes, and other delectables–so my kids aren’t deprived! Skip the boxes, you’ll lose 10-20 pounds, and I’ll collect my fee later. With utmost admiration and respect, Terri

      1. Ioana Hojda

        Terri. Your snacks are fun! Wrapped popsicles with a bow, animals made out of fruit, piping on anything…you make healthy way funner than I do! I have recently started fighting back on the candy-at-school policy by telling my kids that I would either buy back the candy from them-10 cents each- or trade it for 5 berries each. Works with the 5 year old twins, I might have to increase the bar for my 7 year old :). Actually…my younger ones will trade a candy with the older for a promise of extra time on video-games for the following weekend. I have some work to do here…One funny occurrence was when 5yo Indi, asked his teacher for an apple instead a candy. Well, I was present so I don’t know if that counts! He likes to impress people. When they watch.

      2. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

        Thank you for coming to prove that I make whole food snacks fun! I’m not a Grinch! We often trade in snacks, too! When they’d turn down processed snacks, they could accumulate points to pick out stuff from the craft store or dollar store. It worked really well for us. Made me painfully aware of just how often they were getting fed that stuff out of my eyes–because they made sure I knew they turned something down! Funny–an apple instead of candy. What a guy! He knows how his mama teaches him to eat!

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