More US Wellness Meats Choices

Sausage biscuitIf you’re going to fork it out for this stuff, it’d better be good.  Here’s more of what we’ve tried and liked (or didn’t like) from US Wellness Meats, a company you can order grass-fed/pastured meat from.  I know nothing about US Wellness Meats and have no connection with them, except as a satisfied customer.  (I like to post information that I’d like to find on Google.)

I have posted before on what we order from US Wellness Meats here.  We have since tried more items.  Click here to go to US Wellness Meats’ site.

Awesome and I like to keep on hand:

Sugar free ham (This was absolutely fabulous.  It has been out of stock the last couple of times I checked.  But I will be ordering several of these for the Holidays.  This will make you look like a good cook.  That’s so nice.)

Beef tallow (This works great for me as a butter replacement in soups and sautés.)

Knuckle bones (Great for broths and stocks.)

Beef oxtail (Great for broths and stocks.)

Beef Oso Buco, shank (This is another fabulous meat, but it only serves, like, 2 people.  Pop this in the crockpot, and you will have the most tender, most savory meat ever.  The broth is spectacular.  If there is any leftover broth after the Oso Buco is eaten, I like to add some more water and a knuckle bone to stretch the broth further.)

Tripe pieces  (This is not scientific.  But I figure, if I’m trying to heal the gut–I should use the gut.  The tripe makes a nice broth and has no peculiar flavor.  This is not for those who cannot get over their squeamish stomachs.  This is for the die-hard intent on trying every avenue to fix their GI and who values the animal for what it provides and feels nothing should be wasted in the circle of life.  I make sure and use a meat cut along with it so the broth has flavor.)

From the last post and we have kept buying:  wild pink shrimp, sugar-free pork breakfast sausage

Good and I like to keep on hand:

Marrow bones, the small work well for me, since I don’t really like the taste of marrow.  (I try to mix it in things here and there.  I downsized to the small because I don’t like the taste of marrow very well, and the medium was too much marrow.)

From the last post and we have kept buying:  sugar-free beef franks, beef jerky sticks (spicy), beef snack sticks

Good and I occasionally buy:

Lamb Spare Ribs  (Actually very good, but expensive.)

Salami (Good, but my kids and husband would eat it exclusively.  To me, it should be a treat.  So I alternate when I buy it.)

Beef Breakfast Sliders  (These have moved down the list because my last batch had way too much gristle in several packages.  Not good.)

Beef Snack ends  (These are a little bland for me, but the kids like them fine.  I just prefer the whole stick if I’m going to eat them.)

Okay, but I won’t buy again:

Beef Pemmican, regular bar (I tried these several times.  I wanted to like them.  I just didn’t.  They help when you’re experimenting with how low carb you want/need to take your diet.)

Tripe, honeycomb  (I liked the smooth tripe, but I didn’t like this tripe.  It lent a “barn” smell to my broth.  I grew up on a farm.  However, strangely, the broth had a nice flavor.  I just used a knuckle bone and the honeycomb tripe.  The honeycomb tripe is very ugly.  It scared my kids.  I had to really have some creative explanations when they looked into the crockpot on this one.)

Bison Jerky (Just not a lot of flavor.  Not bad.  Not great.  My husband “nayed” them.)

Any questions, comments, gripes or complaints?  No?  I didn’t think so.


5 thoughts on “More US Wellness Meats Choices

  1. rachelmeeks

    Aghhh I wish I wasn’t so easily creeped out by meat! I want to make good choices about what I eat, but I’m totally irrationally grossed out by it. I like to go to restaurants where all I see is cooked yummy food meat. Raw meat, stock, bones, they’re just so….creepy! I’m by no means a vegetarian and I don’t feel guilty for killing animals or anything. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT MY PROBLEM IS. But in our house, if we eat meat, hubby cooked it. And bought it. And I was hiding somewhere else. But this info is good, I shall pass it along to the proper authorities – the hubby. 😛

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Good to point out! You’re not alone, I’m sure! It is kind of creepy. But, yes, do tell him to look for grass-fed/free-range/pastured if he can find it. Better omega-3 profiles. I think that counts. (Okay. Too much information. Very childish, but I sometimes have to play little “stories” in my head about this, too! LOL! I’m a Scottish woman cooking big pot of Irish Stew for the menfolk in the big fireplace…Or a pioneer settler tossing in this and that to the pot, trying to stretch the soup broth a little as we’re running low on supplies. You know. Stupid stuff. But, hey, whatever works. Sounds better than stay-at-home mom who has an abundance of meat cuts available at the supermarket to cook in her stainless steel oven. Yeah, I guess I’ve had to deal with the “creep” factor, too.)

      1. IrishMum

        Haha, you are a little mental! You should have been Irish in the story 😉 Great review, I have heard a lot of great things about Wellness Meats!

      2. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

        No. No. Scot through and through. Do the Scottish make Irish stew, I wonder? Yes, I suppose I should have been making haggis, eh? (Recently attended a Celtic Fair, and they were selling Irish Stew. LOL. It was in my mind!)

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