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Homeschooling Calculus with Saxon, First Edition

Quick update here for those who might be planning calculus for next homeschooling year.

I wrote a post in 2022 regarding homeschooling with Saxon calculus, using the second edition of Saxon Calculus. I wasn’t happy with the progression of that second edition textbook for us. For my next round of teaching calculus, I changed and used the FIRST edition of Calculus by Saxon and Wang. We have used it this year for calculus. I am very, very satisfied with it. Very glad we changed. Very. It has been smooth.

It is weak on graphing calculator material, so that needs taught if your student has not learned that for another class.

Another minor concern is that because it is the first edition, some typos exist. HOWEVER, I learned this was easily remedied by pulling out the second edition text and solution manual that I’d already invested in. Although the lessons in the first edition and second edition do not match up by problem set number, in general, the lessons have been moved around “en bloc,” keeping the problem set together, just moved.

It has been helpful to have the second edition because it sometimes works out problems in the solution manual better or explains things a bit better than the first edition. So as a supplemental text the second text has been valuable.

BUT the sequence of calculus topics in the first edition is much more conducive to homeschooling by someone like me than the second edition.

Note: I think the second edition is geared for AP takers. We will not take the AP tests. I am not a fan of them. Too “box-like.” However, I have learned that it is a good idea to have your homeschooled students CLEP subjects that you feel they have mastered if they plan to go to college. So I do make sure that we cover everything in our book that is on the CLEP.

That’s just a quick update and blurb on our experience for those seekers out there. Here is that post I wrote before on the first edition:


And lastly, all in life is well. We are having fun.

Terri F