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Quick Dulse

Dulse packageI try to eat seaweed occasionally.  I like to hear people say, “Eeeeew.  You eat that?”  Actually, it’s because I cut out the bleached, processed, iodized sodium chloride in favor of sea salt.  I’m not picky.  Himalayan pink.  Celtic gray.  Just give me color.

But I do worry about iodine.  There’s not much in sea salt; I personally don’t believe there’s enough iodine in sea salt for my family and me to be at top health (or even fair health).  I don’t care what you think, but if you haven’t looked it up, I hope you will.  I want you to benefit from any “healthy” choices you’re making and not be making yourself “unhealthy” in the long run!  Luckily, several of my family members and I like seaweed, and we all like shrimp and other salt water fish, sources of iodine.

Iodine needs surge in pregnancy and lactation so I think this is a time to be extra aware of what really does and does not contain iodine.  Especially if you shun iodized salt, seaweed, and seafood (which is easy to do in the first trimester!).

I picked up a bag of dulse months ago and it sat there until I finally read the package and figured out what to do with it.  That’s a good thing about dried seaweed; it keeps a long time!  I opted for a quick flash fry which is easy to do for breakfast.  The taste and crunch remind me of the morel mushrooms we picked and ate in my home state of Indiana each spring (we liked them crispy).  Someone asked me once, “The hallucinogenic kind?”  Um.  No.

Quick Dulse

Olive Oil

Heat just enough olive oil to coat the bottom of a skillet over medium heat.
While oil is heating, tear off some pieces of dulse from the clump in the package and separate pieces and place in pan in a single layer, after a quick inspection for any rocks and such.
Season quickly with some salt (sea salt).
Flip the pieces of dulse over.
You’re looking for a subtle color change in the dulse.  When it starts to undergo a barely perceptible change to a lighter Crispy dulsebrown, remove it. This does not take long!!!!  Don’t burn it!!  Get it out of there!  (If you look at the photo at right, you can see some have a lighter color at the edge or end of the strip.  Don’t wait for it all to turn lighter.  As soon as I shot this photo, I scrambled to get the dulse out!)
I seasoned with a touch more sea salt.

Eat it alongside your scrambled eggs.  Not bad!

Each bite counts.  Make them full of nutrition, not just calories.