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A Favorite Things for the Home Post: Meat Hammer


A simple tip to have things tasting like you have some cooking-savvy:  a meat pounder (or mallet).  After I learned about tenderizing meat with a meat mallet, I became a chicken-breast snob.  The secret to tender chicken breasts, turkey breasts, and pork tenderloins is to pound the smithereens out of them.  Sounds elegant, eh?

I used to pound my meat with a big, heavy, metal soup ladle until I decided to break down and buy the real deal.  To prevent mess, you can put the meat cuts in a plastic freezer bag and pound through it!  But I promise, this kitchen utensil is a MUST have.  Up there with a spatula.

The kids love to get in on the action of this, too!  Try making the Chicken Strips with Honey Mustard Sauce on my quick, grain-free meals post:  “I’ve Got 30 Minutes…Tops.”  I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.  But, hey, if you are, let me know anyway!

Do you have a meat mallet?  Do you pound your chicken breasts?  What is YOUR favorite utensil?

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