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BabyThis month we said “Hello” to our new baby.  Welcome, our little girl.

Last week our family said “Good-bye” to an aunt and an uncle as they passed to the other side.

This morning I said “Good-bye” to my visiting parents and sister as they left for their long journey back home.  The mom who stayed home to provide continuity and security to my three sisters and me.  The dad who worked two jobs to make sure his wife could raise their kids the way they envisioned.  A warm home.  Full of the cozy smells of dinner and dessert.  Laughter.  Loudness.  Chaos.  Always noise.  Always love.  Always acceptance.  Traditional.  Traditional wasn’t bad.  I liked it a lot.

Time marches on, minding no man.  Seeing how the “Good-byes” in this life at times seem to outweigh the number of “Hellos,” this morning I am grateful for the choices I have been allowed to make to stay home with my children to give to them the joy that was freely given to me.  There is nothing my job as a doctor could have given my family or me worth what I have gained.  Hopefully what my children one day feel they have gained.

I am content.  May you find contentment too in the choices you make, even if they defy the definition of success as written by the world.