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Before we eliminated processed foods, Goldfish crackers used to be our “healthy” snack.  My daughter created a lovely way to still be able to eat “Goldfish.”

I marvel at how removing available options revs up the ingenuity.


  • Dried apricots (1 for the body, 1/2 for tail fin, and 1/4 for top fin)
  • Currants (cut in half for eye and some for bubbles out of mouth)
  • Sliver of red apple peel (for the mouth)
  • Raw honey for “glue”
  • Blueberries for the water underneath the fish

Make a “school” of these fish to take to school for preschool snack!

Wishing you a lovely day!

Banana Bad Boys

Banana snackThe preschool snack coordinator  (that’s me) has decided to work through the alphabet with snacks.  Yesterday it was apples, and today it is bananas.  My girls and I had a blast making these.  Unfortunately, we didn’t have lots of time, or I can see these “Bad Boys” with fruit roll up capes and green lettuce or dried black currant hair.  If you are on a special diet excluding candy eyes, you’ll have to improvise the eyes–you could use real craft googly eyes glued on with almond butter or just draw them on with a marker.

I used candy eyes, icing to hold them on, a banana, a red permanent marker, wooden skewers cut in half, and a styrofoam ring to stick them into.  Enjoy life and have a blast!




One banana