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How About Some True Preventative Health Knowledge?

Agar_plate_with_coloniesEvery time I get back to reading scientific studies on gut bacteria, I just get so inspired to eat whole, fresh foods (cook them if you want to!) and to pass that enthusiasm on to you.

In our guts, we have tons of bacteria (don’t blame them completely for the scale readings, though ūüôā . . .) which help us digest our food, make wonderful chemicals which help our blood sugar and mood, and which keep infections from crossing from the gut to our blood. ¬†Plus so much more. ¬†Tending these bacteria properly is TRUE PREVENTATIVE HEALTH.

We Don’t Deserve These Guys

What they do–it is absolutely astounding. ¬†ASTOUNDING. ¬†And what’s amazing is that our bodies and our bacteria hang onto our health for as long as they can for us despite the abuse we bombard them with. ¬†Like a co-dependent spouse. ¬†And I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough chocolate chips, white bread, and vegetable oil in my life to not deserve these poor little critters.

These bacteria really, really, really like plant matter. ¬†Vegetables and fruits. ¬†They like tubers too, like potatoes and sweet potatoes. ¬†They even seem to like whole grains–NOT ground up, processed, and refined flours.

Unstick The Stuck Pin

So, fill yourself up on these plant products. ¬†And if you can’t tolerate them, find a few you can tolerate. ¬†Work on your health some (stress, relationships, sleep, wise supplementation, food sensitivities, sugar load, physical activity, getting some outside time, and making better all-around food choices). Then try to introduce some more!

Promise yourself you won’t stay stuck in life. ¬†Unstick your stuck! ¬†Promise yourself you’ll make the choices to eat more whole, real food (cut how you want, cooked how you want, combined how you like!). ¬†We all have different styles–some dive in with all their heart. ¬†Some move slowly and steadily. ¬†But move to that place you want to be.

No one else will do it for you.

Personify Those Bacteria!

Sometimes, when I’ve been derailed from eating how I feel best, I think something really goofy. As I’m going to the cupboard or fridge, I start thinking about those super beneficial gut bacteria striving to be healthy off of what I eat–thereby keeping me healthy too! ¬†Working SO hard, just struggling to get by. ¬†The grind.

“Ah, I think. ¬†I love those little guys. ¬†They try to be so good to me.” ¬†(Personification at its finest.) ¬†And I ask myself, “Would my helpful little crew like this peanut butter with those chocolate chips? ¬†That gluten-free bread? ¬†Or would they prefer this peanut butter with that apple?” ¬†Apple it is in this moment, then.

I can do this. ¬†One better choice at a time–and I get back to my groove.

You can too.

Have a great day (a great weekend!), and I’m plugging along on a new butyrate post for those who like that kind of stuff.


PS: ¬†I know not all of you have the luxury of being able to eat all the healthy foods due to various intolerances, but for all you can do, don’t stay stuck.