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Review from an Amazon Sucker: Paleo Wraps

Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought..We tried Paleo Wraps.

Gonna’ see if I can get this brain braining again, (Thanks, Rachel at www.doilooksick.com for that nice colorful phrase.)  beginning with an unbiased, uncompensated, simple review of a new product we tried this morning. I stumbled across “Paleo Wraps” as I was purchasing coconut milk from Amazon the other day.  Amazon sucker I am.  That’s the phrase they use to reel you in, “Customers Who Bought This Item Also Bought…”

What Are Paleo Wraps (Coconut Wraps)?

I wish they would have chosen another name.  Hypoallergenic Wraps.  One-Ingredient Wraps.  Simple Wraps.  “Don’t You Miss Wraps” Wraps.  “Look, I Have A Wrap, Too” Wraps.  “My Wrap’s Healthier Than Your Wrap” Wraps.

They are simply thin, papery wraps made out of coconut, coconut water, and coconut oil.  That’s it.  So they’re vegan.  They’re Paleo.  They’re real food for whoever eats real food.  All organic.  All GMO-free.

They measure about 8 inches by 8 inches, and they are thin.  Even thinner than a French crepe and not as pliable–but still pliable enough.  Maybe almost a little leathery?  They have a mild coconut flavor and a mild sweetness.  With the contents of our wrap, I liked it.

They have a total carbohydrate count of 6 grams, and a net carbohydrate count of 4 grams.  Seventy calories per wrap.  Five total fat grams with 4 grams of that being saturated.  One gram of protein.

Only seven wraps come in one package.  They cost $9.99 on Amazon.  Pretty pricey for that thin little wrap.  Luckily, they don’t spoil and can be kept for 9 months at room temperature.

How Did They Perform?

We used the wraps this morning for bacon and spinach wraps.  I was a bit disappointed to see that several of the wraps Gluten free wraphad broken across the top and began to fret that they wouldn’t roll but would instead crumble and break.  My fear was unfounded.  Despite their thinness, they rolled very nicely.  After loading in three slices of bacon, about 1/4 cup of raw spinach, some mayo, and some sliced cherry tomatoes, I rolled the wrap, making sure to start with the broken end.  The wrap rolled just fine and did not fall apart at all in the hands of my children.  They gave me smiles and a huge thumbs up.  Breakfast can be a challenging part of the day, and this made it simple and fun.

On the first wrap, because of my fear of “crumbling”, I nuked the wrap for 10 seconds.  The next wrap, I decided to not “nuke” it.  Heating the wrap made no difference whatsoever in the utility of the wrap, although I read you can fry them up and make them crisp for something like an egg roll.  Or top them and throw them in the oven to broil.  Or throw in a toaster oven.

My take on my wrap with bacon, spinach, and mustard:  “Gee.  It is nice to be eating with my hands again.  I feel so American when I eat with my hands.  Wow.  Nothing is falling out with each bite.  This is good.  Mmmm.  The texture of the wrap provides some resistance so my teeth know that something is there.  I like that.  And it’s not really chewy or soft or gooey or crunchy.  It’s just a nice bite through the wrap and I’m on my way.  There is a hint of sweetness that’s not so bad with my bacon and spinach.”  I ate through two of them, and then I stopped.  As with any bread product, I could have handled the whole pack.

Trying out Paleo WrapsWill I Buy These Again?

Yes.  I can see us using them about 2-4 times a year.  The kids really liked having a wrap.  If they cost less, I would use them much more frequently, I believe.  It would be nice to have them be no more than one dollar per wrap.  Also, if they were available on the store shelf rather than through mail-order.  I am a bit wary about ordering them again on-line because the top 1/8th of each of them was broken straight across.  Luckily, not down the middle or something!  That would have been grounds  for a return.  But I never return anything.  If it makes it into the walls of my house, it has a new home.  These would be great for school lunches.  These are not good for me because I want to eat them all.  Luckily, my husband was skipping breakfast or we would not have had enough to go around at about two per person.

Have you ever tried these?   How do you do with coconut products?  How do your kids do with coconut products?  Do you ever leave Amazon with more than your shopping list?