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On Hummingbirds and Red Food Dye

English: Hummingbird hovering at a feeder

English: Hummingbird hovering at a feeder (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

A small scene from a visit to my friend’s picturesque home in an Indiana forest:

Me to Dear Childhood Friend:  You have so many hummingbirds at your hummingbird feeders.  They’re beautiful!  And your water is clear rather than red!  I thought they liked red!

Dear Childhood Friend to Me:  Yeah.  They say the red food coloring is bad for them.  So I don’t use it.

My eyes skirted over to the candy dish with red suckers and red hot cinnamon candies on the kitchen counter, and my mind echoed, “Bad for them …bad for them…bad…”

(I quickly looked up red food dye and hummingbirds and found this post which seems fair and this post.)

(You commonly hear about red food dye and an ADHD connection.  I like to read Georgia Ede’s, MD posts because she is meticulous about posting her sources, and uses primary research.  Her post Food Sensitivities and ADHD has a section in it about food dyes.)

Food counts.  Don’t think it doesn’t.

Have a great weekend!