I followed the GAPS diet for about 18 months.  My kids and husband ate GAPS for about 6 months.  It wasn’t a “cure-all,” but our day-to-day health and bodily functions definitely improved by eating this way.  We don’t follow GAPS exclusively anymore, but we definitely incorporate what we learned into our daily eating habits.  To say GAPS helped me identify food’s role in our family’s health and taught me about real food is the honest truth.

Keeping Trying

I Fell Off the Wagon
My Less-Than-Expert-Tips for Staying on the Wagon

A Friend’s Story (Actually a Friend of a Friend):

Part 1:  A Success Story In Using the GAPS Diet to Stop Absence Seizures!
Part 2:  A Success Story In Using the GAPS Diet to Stop Absence Seizures!
Part 3:  A Success Story in Using the GAPS Diet to Stop Absence Seizures!
Part 4:  A Success Story in Using the GAPS Diet to Stop Absence Seizures!

My Story:

One Year On Eating Real Food:  GAPS  (About 1 year on GAPS)
What GAPS/SCD Has Helped (Despite What it Hasn’t) (About 4-5 months on GAPS)
Eating Disorder:  Looking You in the Face, Part 1  (How GAPS helped me come to terms with a very old demon.)
Eating Disorder:  Looking You in the Face, Part 2 

Starting This is Overwhelming.
How Can I Possibly Do This?”
How Can I Help My Family Eat This Way?

I’m Confused, Too (Where do I start?  I read about GAPS and it just confused me.) (Long post on my personal transition to GAPS and how I went about starting GAPS)
Shopping for a Modified Diet
How to Promote Real Food to Kids
Be a Vegetable Cheerleader  (Helping kids eat vegetables)
I’ve Got 30 Minutes…Tops (Fast meals)
Stocking the Pantry (What I keep in my pantry now)
What I Like From US Wellness Meats
What to Feed the Houseguests
Eating Out
Should I Eat Organic?
What Should I Buy Organic?

What About Dietary Infringements for Kids on GAPS?

Sabotage (Will Illegal Foods Effect Your Kids and GAPS?)

How Are  All These Diets Similar or Different?

Comparing GAPS, SCD, Paleo, Primal, and Whole 30

Roadblocks We Found to Success and Health on GAPS and Similar Diets:

Routinely Not Feeling Well?  (Why GAPS might not be working for you, as written)
Bloating?  Check Out FODMAPS.
My List to Guide My Vegetable Choices on GAPS, Utilizing a Low FODMAP Approach (Approved Vegetable List)
Dairy Causes Some Kids to Have Constipation (Even Properly Prepared GAPS Dairy)
Non-Dairy, Whole Food Based Calcium Sources and The Bony Triad

Food and Recipes:

Grain-Free Breakfasts
To Eat is Good
I’ve Got 30 Minutes…Tops
“Don’t Chuck the Chicken” Broth (How to Make Chicken Broth)
Can I Cook With Olive Oil?
Collagen Conversations and Aitura, Racituri, and Aspic:  What good is all of this broth?
Great Liver Recipe, Not Lying

My Experience With Redoing the GAPS Introduction at about 1 year :

GAPS Intro
GAPS (Re) Intro
Twelve Thoughts fro Twelve Days of GAPS Intro
Random Thoughts From Day 19 of GAPS Introduction
Last Post of My GAPS Re-introduction (Concluded that, for me, GAPS did not increase my food intolerances)


Probiotic Quiz
Teeth and Our Grain-Free, Whole Foods Diet
Mumbling Monday
A Doctor Visits the Doctor

As I Work Through Each Section of the Metametrix 2100 GI Profile:

How Many Medical Doctors Does It Take To Order A Metametrix Stool Test?
More on My Metametrix GI Function Profile Test (Miscellaneous Information)
Predominant Bacteria, Page 1 (Metametrix Test)
Pathogenic Bacteria, Page 2 (Metametrix Test)
Yeasts and Candida (Metametrix Test)
Parasites (Metametrix Test)
Adiposity Index
I also have a butyrate series that you may be interested in.

Why  Does Everybody Have to Feed My Kids?

Don’t Make Me Sick:  Raising Food Allergy Awareness
Poisoned at Church (Frustration with all the candy at church)
Poisoned at Church, Sequel (A letter requesting change)
The Sunday Scoop, Asking for Change in Church’s Snack Policy (6/30/13) (Response to letter)
Church Snack Policy Changed (8/30/13)

GAPS Humor

Today’s GAPS Checklist
Sound Familiar, Anyone?
Corn is a Grain


What’s Working (A Constipation Post)
Jordan and Steve (A Constipation Post) (10/17/12)

6 thoughts on “GAPS

  1. Mathair Fiona

    I’m interested to poke around here, but don’t know where to start! My oldest son (just turned 3) has been diagnosed with epilepsy and we are now trying to figure out what may be causing his episodic ataxia. In addition to that, he has gross and fine motor delays and sensory processing struggles (major sensory seeking behaviors). Although I am skeptical, there are some in the wide array of specialists involved with him, that want to monitor for ADHD later on. His PCP tested for celiac the other day because he is losing weight and constantly eating. That test came back negative. We also recently learned that his iron is slightly low (which should not be the case based on our diet and the iron content in our well water). I am really starting to wonder if there is a diet component to all that is going on with him, but I’m not really sure where to start looking…the internet being so full of nonsense and all.

    Anyway, there is a ton of information for you 🙂 If you have any posts that might shed some light on this, let me know!

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Good morning, Mathair Fiona! I am sorry your family is dealing with epilepsy, episodic ataxia, motor delays, and sensory processing in your son! That is stressful! My thoughts on nutrition are WAY different than they were 2 and 1/2 years ago! That’s for dang sure! Even if his diet is not “causing” his issues, his diet may be providing pesky “things” that don’t allow his body to function as it should and to utilize nutrients as it should. By removing certain foods known to be inflammatory to the body and adding back in foods high in nutrient content with less of those inflammatory characteristics, the thought is the body (and its bacterial helpers in the gut) can restore function. The brain is no different (Terry Wahls is a staff doctor at a medical school in Iowa who reversed her horribly debilitating multiple sclerosis with diet and wrote a book about it–and started some research studies testing her protocols!). I like GAPS because it incorporates most facets of many of these diets out there that many people are having success with. I would start with the GAPS book by Dr. Campbell-McBride, interlibrary loan it if you don’t want to keep it. She is an evangelist, for sure, and some of the reasoning may seem faulty to scientists/doctors picking her apart because she is simplifying it for non-science people, but I don’t think that should discredit the whole work and diet, which if you look up research studies about certain things, you’ll find amazing evidence for much of what she says! We stuck true to the diet initially, and as we improved, we slowly branched off to find our own “best diet.” GAPS is not meant to be adhered to indefinitely. On my page, I have a testimonial from a person whose son had absence seizures and who feels the GAPS diet helped their family that may interest you (under A Friend’s Story). And this post tells of my journey to understand and accept GAPS, with quite a few links I found helpful: I’m Confused, Too. I skimmed through the other posts, and they’re probably more for people in the trenches trying to do GAPS or a similar type diet rather than trying to decide if that’s the way they want to go. I hope this helps! Wishing you success in health for your little son. I most definitely think nutrition has to be a foundation under everything else we do in medicine, not an afterthought. ~~Terri

      1. Mathair Fiona

        Our current season can be very stressful (the baby has PHACES, so that adds to it…though his issues are VERY minor), but we have received nothing but the very best care.

        I will check out your reccomendations.

      2. Mathair Fiona

        Ugh…my comment was posted before I finished! I have always been very skeptical of any diet outside of variation and moderation, but with all that is going on with Wild Man and the sheer volume of information on diet and children with similar issues, I am beginning to entertain the idea that there may be a diet-related component there.

      3. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

        Got to love-hate technology, don’t you?!

        My favorite quote is “Moderation in all things, including moderation.” So I know what you mean. I NEVER picked up ANY diet book EVER before two and a half years ago. If some crazy parent had brought their kid in even wanting to do gluten-free, dairy-free back in the day, I would have been internally rolling my eyes. I’m not uncompassionate (in fact, quite the opposite), it’s just that’s how blinded I was by my training and beliefs. Sad but true. I’m glad your specialists/doctors are taking good care of Wild Man. How severe is the PHACES in your other son (it was in the other child, right?)? Maybe you blog about it? If so, I can just buzz over and check out the posts there if you have some on it.

        Also, I e-mailed you, too. Hope you got it! Terri

      4. Mathair Fiona

        Haha. I’m on my tablet now so I can type better 🙂 The convenience of the phone is nice, but it can be a pain sometimes. I did get your email and I responded just now.

        That quote is one of my favorites, too. Julia Child was the best. Your description of yourself sounds a lot like me. That’s too funny.

        PHACES is with the other boy (10 months). It is REALLY minor. So much so that there was a lot of debate about whether or not it was the appropriate diagnosis. He had a massive segmental hemangioma on his head that is now as gone as it is going to be. He has a bicupsid aortic valve and a hypoplastic vertebral artery. The artery is almost completely gone. His corpus collosum has an odd shape, but no one is sure if that is a problem or not. I believe there is also a minor deformation in is something foramen (hahaha, you can certainly tell that the information I learned in college about the brain has begun to seep out). For the most part, he’s fine and has problems that a lot of people have, but never learn about because there is never any reason to look for them.

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