Keeping Busy With Small Steps

The Homeschooling Doctor logoI’m studying here now for my medical board recertification exam and teaching anatomy and physiology to our homeschool group’s middle and high schoolers.  I kept thinking I’d get a post typed, but reality is telling me I won’t be writing much until those things are wrapped up in mid-November.  Thanks for reading, and I can’t wait to write more on fats, slow transit, getting started on a food journey, another butyrate post, and more!

I wish you joy, peace, and contentment with what you have or what you don’t have, where you must go, or if you must stay, where you must stay.  Be brave and bold to do what must be done.  When life seems confusing, take small steps, always moving toward your goal.  Then, if you never stop taking those small steps, you will succeed.  Grand, sweeping efforts seem appealing and lovely, and are at times needed, but usually it’s our small steps that change our lives most and longest.

I look forward to writing again here as soon as possible, and I’m still fielding comments and questions as they come in here.  So, if you think of one, I’m still game to answer it!  And it doesn’t have to be “on the right post.”  They all come into the same in-box to the same person.  Take care.


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