The Loud Voices

This week has been a discouraging week for me. Life is teaching me that the loudest, most authoritative voice wins the masses.  I guess I knew that, but it is still disappointing.  Three times in the last week I have spoken with people who have been to the doctor for gastrointestinal complaints, and three times over I listened to the same line emerge:  “Diet doesn’t matter.”

But please listen to my quiet fighting voice.  I don’t have a name for what I support.  It’s dogma-free, and I hope it will always be.  I call it “eat real food and watch for side effects.”  I call it “choose deeply nutritious foods most all of the time.”  I call it “don’t give up.”  I call it “vegetables are important.”  I call it “kids deserve a chance to be free of obesity and autoimmune disease.”  I call it “forget the cliques and take care of people and their needs.”  I call it “find your own best diet using some basic principles.”

There is so much science to explain.  I know most people probably don’t really care about the “why to eat.”  They just want to know the “what to eat.”  But I HAVE to have you understand that any medical doctor who tells you that diet doesn’t matter is full of egotistical brainwashing handed down to us all by the doctors who trained us.  They scorn without cross-referencing.  They either don’t have the time or don’t take the time to apply the science they know and to follow particular new studies.  Very sadly, I have become aware of studies twisted to obtain a specific desired outcome.  So even if an altruistic doctor tried to keep abreast of studies, some are so contorted so as to not be reliable for application.

I am convinced that complete overhaul of a diet and lifestyle can lessen disease, possibly eliminate it in many cases.  It’s just that the people who have what it takes to overhaul their diet are very few and far between.  It is hard work, and it can alienate you and your family because nearly ALL people eat food that has been processed.  Even the purest white milk sitting in most people’s fridge has been processed to make it improper for our bodies, aside from the fact that milk has very difficult sugars and proteins for any body to digest to begin with.  The yogurt you buy too rich in sugar.  The cold meat you buy stuffed with potato starch and wheat protein.

So today I am discouraged by the loud voices, the authoritarian voices, filling your ears with falsehood.  Diet DOES matter.  Each bite counts.  For every nutrient that you see fortified on a label, go find the equivalent unprocessed real food source of that.  For the vitamin D in processed, fortified milk, head for egg yolks.  For the folic acid in fortified wheat products, head for broccoli and dark colored greens.  For the iodine in iodized salt, head to seafood.  If what you put in your mouth doesn’t matter, why is your food supplemented?  Why aren’t you told what to eat in the first place and then to fill in with fortification?  Where are the billboards telling you how to fight childhood obesity by eating real food and not eating processed food in boxes?  Where is the billboard that says type II diabetes can be controlled by minimizing carbohydrates?

Where?  Where,  I ask.  And I am discouraged.  Because you listen to the loud voices.  The aggressive voices.  The dogmatic voices.  The voices with something to lose if you change.  Change is hard enough without backing.  Nearly impossible if you are listening to the voices that say, “It doesn’t matter.”

But it does.

Signing off.  You can do this.  It is hard because of peer pressure and those loud voices which really need to go learn and sit down and be quiet.  Go homeschool themselves, I say.  But you can do this.  Find YOUR diet.  You can.


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