Green Cream

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Dear Guest to Our Little Spot Here:

Today my daughter and I are sharing our green “cream” recipe.  This green “cream” recipe is very good over berries (strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries). It’s kind of like whipped cream but still very different.  It is super, SUPER yummy.  We recommend it for people who do not tolerate dairy or for those with adventurous spirits.

This makes a nice breakfast or a pretty dessert.  We served it for Easter and made a trifle out of it, layering fruit, green “cream,” and crumbled gluten-free, dairy-free cake in a pretty, clear glass bowl.  We watched our unsuspecting guests’ responses closely as they ate their sweet ending, but their dessert plates indicated our success!  Whew!

Although we think this is a fabulous recipe to have, there are some things you must know for success.  We want you to have success.  Like bananas turn brown, so too does avocado.  Green cream does not keep well.  Serve promptly.  (Tips for using green cream in a trifle are at the end of the post.)  Just like you can’t mash under-boiled potatoes, so too can you not whip green cream.  Use soft, ripe avocados which yield to gentle pressure.  And lastly, this requires a food processor or very good blender to cream up nicely of appropriate size for your batch.


Scale the recipe accordingly.  One avocado makes about 3/4 to 1 cup of cream, depending on the size of the avocado.  Be sure to use the proper sized appliance according to how many avocados you will be creaming.  We use a mini-food processor for a batch of one or two avocados and a large food processor for more than two.

  • 1 soft, ripe avocado (hard or even mildly hard avocados will not work) 
  • Maple syrup, quantity varies from 1 tablespoon to about 4 tablespoons, depending on taste and consistency needed
  • Vanilla, 1 teaspoon


  1. Peel your avocado and place it in the food processor.  (Do you know how to easily peel most avocados?  Score the avocado in half all the way to the seed, lengthwise.  By lengthwise we mean from the stem to the bottom.  You can’t cut the avocado in half because of that huge seed.Then, after the avocado flesh has been scored all the way around, you can twist the avocado and it usually comes apart in halves.  Cut into fourths and then easily peel the green peel off.  Make sense?)
  2. Add a tablespoonful of the maple syrup and the  vanilla.
  3. Blend very well, until smooth and silky.  Then, ask yourself two questions:  One, is it the consistency I want?  Two, is it the sweetness I desire?
  4. Add maple syrup until you get the consistency and sweetness you want.


That’s it!!! This is super, duper simple so give it a try!

green cream collageFamily “gustar” report:  Complete success.  6/6 of us like it.  When making a trifle, make sure to put the berries and cake as the top layers, not the green cream.  This actually allows the avocado cream to keep and not turn brown for hours because it is protected from air.  Once the avocado is exposed to air when serving, though, there’s no stopping the oxidation.  Taste is not affected, just the beauty.


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