Make Like An Iguana

Iguana_at_Maria_la_GordaA tidbit for today.  Light reading.

Some humor from the grocery store.  Well, my kind of humor.  We all have different kinds.

So I was standing in the check-out line at the local grocery store.  I have a guilty habit of “Tom-peeping” into other shopper’s grocery carts.  Because we eat weird and nobody asks us over for dinner anymore, I often forget what typical American people eat.  If I’m going to run a blog about health and food and expect to reach people, I’d better know where they’re at.  And I have a feeling I’m in a small minority who eats seaweed and tiger nuts.  (You’re allowed to ask, if you wish…)  So I peep.

There was this lady waiting behind me.  I was SO impressed by her cart.  She had five different kinds of beautiful, fresh lettuces and greens.  By my doctor’s eye, she was not the epitome of health.  Definitely over her ideal body mass index.  Skin sallow and puffy.  Hair dry and thinning.  Ankles a bit swollen.  My imagination ran wild.  I thought, “I’ll bet she has run into something like uncontrolled diabetes or lupus.  I’ll bet she has decided to make drastic changes to her diet.  Maybe she’s even going Paleo or something.”  I had to squelch my curiosity.  I make my opening line.

“Oh!  What beautiful greens you have there!  How lovely!”

She takes the bait.  She’s going to tell me what those greens are for.  I’m so excited.  Maybe I can give her some book tips, recipe ideas, or blog sites to check out…

Here she goes.  She’s getting ready to speak…

She’s absolutely beaming.

And…well, wouldn’t you know it.

“–They’re for my iguana.  He’s going to be very happy with me!”

Yes, I’ll bet he will be.

Closing:  Eat Like An Iguana

If you’re not eating “this way” yet.  Let’s get you there.  Whole foods.  Lots of vegetables.  And remember, what’s good for the iguana JUST MIGHT be good enough for you.  Eat like an iguana.  Next time you grocery shop, make like an iguana to the green stuff.

(Did you know iguanas really don’t eat flies much?  I thought they ate flies.  But apparently in nature, they’re herbivores and eat flies just as they come along with their greens.)


13 thoughts on “Make Like An Iguana

  1. barbara

    Too funny! I wonder if the iguana rejects them or gets sick from the pesticides?
    You probably guessed right about the woman’s health problems. I see so many people who spend enormous amounts of money on their pets, including grain free diets and organic foods while they eat nearly all processed or fast foods themselves. Their pets usually have shiny coats, are energetic and playful while their owners are just the opposite.

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      I should’ve asked if they were organic. 🙂

      I guess I never really thought about this, but now, I’ll be looking out for this strange occurrence–people taking great measures to provide for their pets’ diets but not their own. Interesting observation! Will make me sad if I see it much. I’ll have to quit looking in carts. 🙂

      Have a great weekend! ~~Terri

  2. eyetooth2014

    You know I eat like an iguana!!! Or perhaps a monkey or a horse. Let me explain; when people see my cart half filled with bananas and a 25 pound bag of carrots they say,” You must have a monkey and a horse”. I tell them I am the monkey and the horse!!!!! Teeheeheee….then I use that opportunity to discuss how I live a raw vegan lifestyle.
    Peace & Raw Health,

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Dear Elizabeth,

      I exploded out loud when I read this! Thanks for the laugh today!

      Got your stuffed pepper post saved to go look at in a calm moment! I know it will be good!

      Peace and Raw Health back at ya’! (When my stupid tummy cooperates, I’ll be a lot more raw. Did you not have any troubles with this when you transitioned?)


      1. Elizabeth

        Are you having stomach pains or more like gas?? Try taking digestive enzymes, they make all the difference!!!!
        Glad I made u laugh ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  3. Jane

    I look at people’s carts too, then assess their health. I know that people think more of their pets and take better care of them than their children. Their pets look healthier than their children! Have you noticed all the different organic pet foods? Those pet foods are being sold. Notice all the “trash” still in the grocery isles and in people’s carts. Those are being sold too. I just send up another prayer. We have to keep lookin’ up! Actually, there are more people each year getting it figured out, so that is a blessing!

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Hello, Jane! Good to read your comment. You are right about slowly people catching on. My latest American Family Physician journal even had a pretty decentish article on some of this “new” [but old] diet stuff. So hopefully the dinosaur will turn around.

      I have not noticed the organic pet foods yet. (No pets at this time.) BUT–this would be a fun observation or study to do: Go to a place where organic pet food is sold as well as groceries. And see what a person buys for themselves/family when they buy organic pet food. I wonder what would turn up!

      You take care, and I’m glad it sounds like nutrition is on your radar and hopefully doing some great things!


  4. FitMomPam

    OMG haha as I was reading this I kept thinking that the same thing would have happened to me. I try to keep my eyes on my own cart but sometimes in line when you’re bored…I loved that you were hoping to spark some good nutritional conversation 🙂

  5. Libby at

    Ah Terri you have made me laugh out loud tonight. I also spy on others shopping trolleys, such a bad but fun hobby. My children have also picked it up and tell me how bad others groceries are. And I have to admit, I diagnose people I see and want to slap their hands as they reach for those cholesterol lowering margarines or canola oil. And don’t even get me started when I see a trolley full of coke and fat free yoghurt! Ooh, you’ve started something here – the confessions of a trolley auditor! 🙂

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Ah, Libby! That would make a great series, The Trolley Auditor or Trolley Tom or Cart Confessions. (Do you call it “Peeping Tom” there when someone snoops where they ought not?) Seriously, not to poke fun. But, you know, in an educational way. I see some bizarre combinations. Like a dairy-free cart and then one product in there I KNOW has dairy. I often want to ask and teach but… And yes, my kids do it too now. Sometimes I have to hush them.

      Let’s see, it’s Tuesday. Have an enjoyable day today!



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