Make Like An Iguana

Iguana_at_Maria_la_GordaA tidbit for today.  Light reading.

Some humor from the grocery store.  Well, my kind of humor.  We all have different kinds.

So I was standing in the check-out line at the local grocery store.  I have a guilty habit of “Tom-peeping” into other shopper’s grocery carts.  Because we eat weird and nobody asks us over for dinner anymore, I often forget what typical American people eat.  If I’m going to run a blog about health and food and expect to reach people, I’d better know where they’re at.  And I have a feeling I’m in a small minority who eats seaweed and tiger nuts.  (You’re allowed to ask, if you wish…)  So I peep.

There was this lady waiting behind me.  I was SO impressed by her cart.  She had five different kinds of beautiful, fresh lettuces and greens.  By my doctor’s eye, she was not the epitome of health.  Definitely over her ideal body mass index.  Skin sallow and puffy.  Hair dry and thinning.  Ankles a bit swollen.  My imagination ran wild.  I thought, “I’ll bet she has run into something like uncontrolled diabetes or lupus.  I’ll bet she has decided to make drastic changes to her diet.  Maybe she’s even going Paleo or something.”  I had to squelch my curiosity.  I make my opening line.

“Oh!  What beautiful greens you have there!  How lovely!”

She takes the bait.  She’s going to tell me what those greens are for.  I’m so excited.  Maybe I can give her some book tips, recipe ideas, or blog sites to check out…

Here she goes.  She’s getting ready to speak…

She’s absolutely beaming.

And…well, wouldn’t you know it.

“–They’re for my iguana.  He’s going to be very happy with me!”

Yes, I’ll bet he will be.

Closing:  Eat Like An Iguana

If you’re not eating “this way” yet.  Let’s get you there.  Whole foods.  Lots of vegetables.  And remember, what’s good for the iguana JUST MIGHT be good enough for you.  Eat like an iguana.  Next time you grocery shop, make like an iguana to the green stuff.

(Did you know iguanas really don’t eat flies much?  I thought they ate flies.  But apparently in nature, they’re herbivores and eat flies just as they come along with their greens.)


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