Does Your Smile Reach Your Eyes?

Photos from Brandon's Android 105I have seen people whose smiles do not reach their eyes.

Look at yourself.  Does your smile reach your eyes?

If no, why not?

Are you tired?  Sleep-deprived?  Have you taken on too much?

Are you sad?  Angry?  Bitter?  Jealous?  Discontent?  In pain?  Lonely?  Worried?  Too self-absorbed?

What is keeping that smile from reaching your eyes?  Is there something you can do to lift the weight and let that smile rise to the eyes?  Get more sleep?  Give up certain activities?  Refocus your work goals?  Seek out a good friend?

And if you really think on it, smiles often actually start in the eyes, as the eyes alight on something of joy.  So practice connecting your eyes and your smiles by surrounding yourself with people and environments which bring you true joy.  True joy.

Wellness starts in the heart.  I’m going to be experimenting a little bit with some observational life posts in between the longer homeschooling, nutrition, and recipe posts (as I am remembering that newborn babies don’t allow a person to get much done).  No comments needed as I know time is precious.  Just chew on the thoughts as needed and delete the rest.


16 thoughts on “Does Your Smile Reach Your Eyes?

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      I’m ashamed that it took so long for me to get back to this comment that had me laughing the second I read it forever ago! “Wrinkles getting in the way.” Pshaw. What a hoot! You go get Botox so that smile doesn’t get hung up on those wrinkles. Or get some sleep so the smile doesn’t catch up on those sleep-deprivation bags, either.

  1. myjourneythrume

    I love this post! And despite being very tired (medication withdrawal side effects suck) I think my smile does reach my eyes 😃

    But more importantly huge congratulations on your new arrival. I’ve not been on wordpress for a while and only just saw you have been blessed with another daughter. Amazing news. Sending much love from across the pond xx

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Oh, goodness. I hope the medication withdrawal side effects are diminishing! I have not doubt your smile makes it to your eyes–with your never give up attitude! Thanks for taking a second to stop in! All is going well here. Making a point to sleep when I can and eat when I can since having a newborn–helps my smile! And I hope all your planning is going great!? Yes? Much love back across the pond. (Our word for that is ocean. Joke. 🙂 )

  2. mihrank

    The title is very difficult to answer, you made everyone to think very deeply and find a new path of better understanding and the importance of a smile!

  3. Valerie

    Beautiful thoughts. I need to lift some things off myself and then I’m sure my smile will begin to rise. Thank you! Lovely post.

  4. My Tropical Home

    “Wellness starts in the heart.”….I agree absolutely. Along with all the probing questions to help with self-evaluation. I’m prone to taking on too much and find that when I let go of certain things or activities, I’m breathing, sleeping and feeling better – and yes – the smile is also in my eyes.

    Have a great weekend and congratulations (and wishing you all the best) with the new baby! 🙂

    ~ Mary

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      That’s how I tend to be too! And sleep is super key for me. Once I start sacrificing that–nosedive! So, thankfully, with our new baby, I have lots of help and get some naps here and there! Because I don’t like those times in life when my smile is “fake” and doesn’t reach my eyes!

  5. IrishMum

    ‘True joy’!! Yes! Surround yourself with joy. I don’t even watch the news anymore, too much hate and sadness. I’m looking forward to the observational life posts.


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