BabyThis month we said “Hello” to our new baby.  Welcome, our little girl.

Last week our family said “Good-bye” to an aunt and an uncle as they passed to the other side.

This morning I said “Good-bye” to my visiting parents and sister as they left for their long journey back home.  The mom who stayed home to provide continuity and security to my three sisters and me.  The dad who worked two jobs to make sure his wife could raise their kids the way they envisioned.  A warm home.  Full of the cozy smells of dinner and dessert.  Laughter.  Loudness.  Chaos.  Always noise.  Always love.  Always acceptance.  Traditional.  Traditional wasn’t bad.  I liked it a lot.

Time marches on, minding no man.  Seeing how the “Good-byes” in this life at times seem to outweigh the number of “Hellos,” this morning I am grateful for the choices I have been allowed to make to stay home with my children to give to them the joy that was freely given to me.  There is nothing my job as a doctor could have given my family or me worth what I have gained.  Hopefully what my children one day feel they have gained.

I am content.  May you find contentment too in the choices you make, even if they defy the definition of success as written by the world.


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  1. Valerie

    Beautiful post, Terri. My mother stayed home as well, and the security I always felt by her presence…well, I am so thankful for it. Congratulations on your sweet, new baby!! XO

  2. FitMomPam

    Congrats Terri!! So thrilled for you and your family in welcoming your new baby girl! So sorry to hear about your aunt and uncle though. Enjoy your time with your new bundle of joy!

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Thank you, Pam! Still hard to believe we have another! But she is a treasure! Now let’s see if I get any sleep!

      Thank you for your condolences as well. Both my aunt and uncle fought chronic disease like hard nails–their spirits were indomitable.

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Yes! That song “If I Could” that you linked to definitely captures my thoughts! Very true! My aunt had cancer and my uncle had MS, and they fought long and hard and were very sick. Their passing felt strange at this very joyous time. Just love our family, the one here in my box now and the one I was blessed to grow up with! Thanks again for the link!

  3. The Vanilla Housewife

    Congratulations again on the new baby! I hope you and the baby (and the rest of the family) are doing well! And getting enough rest hopefully. So sorry to hear about your aunt and your uncle though. Hugs!

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Thank you on all counts, Jhanis! Our baby girl is a delight! My aunt and uncle (on different sides of the family) fought long battles with sickness. They were pretty amazing! But all this “circle of life” stuff just reminds me how short and tenuous it all is! Hope you have a good week!

  4. agmorze

    Congratulations on the new baby, she looks sooo sweet!! Hope you are feeling well 🙂 I’m very sorry for the loss of your Aunt and Uncle as well, sending hugs. Thank you for your beautiful perspective on having a Mom who stayed home with you and your comment about finding contentment in your choices. It made me cry tears of joy because I sometimes struggle with my choice to stay home and it helps put things back in perspective. I appreciate that.

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Thank you! I and the family are doing very well here. I appreciate the condolences.
      I am glad the thoughts struck a chord. I know my mom’s choices help me know mine are good for us! We are doing the right thing.

  5. All Seasons Cyclist

    I am so happy for you! This past Friday evening at 11:30 my wife and I officially became grandparents for the first time. While the baby is adorable, I am even happier to see the joy on my son and daughter-in-laws faces.

  6. lakenormanprep

    Congratulations! Obviously, I have not been keeping up with my blog reading! I hope everything went well (if you wrote more about it earlier-I haven’t gotten there I am so very happy for you and your family!

  7. Jo tB

    I too was wondering – it must be getting close to when the baby is due. And it has arrived, a summer baby, a girl as well. May she know only summer days. But life if not like that. We all share highs and lows, with the passing of your uncle and aunt. Congratulations with the newest addition to the family.


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