Pulling In and Venturing Back Out

Black Hills, Roughlock FallsWhy I Pulled In

About a month ago, the IRS informed us that somebody forged a W-2 under our names and identities and stole our expected 2012 tax return check that we had been waiting on and calling about for many months. (For those unfamiliar, the IRS is U.S. governmental agency responsible for tax collection and a W-2 is a necessary tax document you fill out yearly.) Just a little scare, you know. Luckily, after some sorting out, identity fraud turned out to not be the case! However, talk about frightening. Paranoia set in. Are our checking accounts safe? Are our credit cards safe? Are our retirement funds safe? Are our kids safe? Are our on-line accounts of various types safe? Gracious, is my toothbrush safe? (Joke.)

And that is why the blog was put into private mode abruptly until I could sure up security around here. I had thought that maybe I should stop blogging. Life is good. Why mess it up with hacker or stalker blogging risks (or even unintentional copyright infringements, for that matter)? It’s not like I have anything too original; it’s all out there to be found with good, persistent Google searching–said much more eloquently or intelligently than I can write. My grammar isn’t the best, and even when it is, typos make it look like it isn’t. My photography is bad and isn’t going to get better anytime soon.  I am seriously technologically challenged.  I don’t really have much time, especially with increased sleep needs from pregnancy and soon a newborn baby, and I can’t write the research-y type stuff I’d like.  Maybe this is a good time to stop…

Venturing Back Out

…But whenever I learn something new–because I read something medically/health-based every day– I think, “Wow. I didn’t know about this. I Black Hillswonder how many other people would like to know about this and don’t!” I think about all that I’ve learned in two years of personal study (my homeschooling medical education) and the significant difference it has made in our family’s health and how few doctors have the time or energy or open-mindedness to consider and disseminate these ideas.  I see the copious amounts of refined foods that people feed themselves and their kids and the deficit of real foods.  The lack of knowledge about ingredients that are detrimental.  And I see grant-backed billboards for breast cancer, heart disease, and lupus, but I never see a grant-backed billboard promoting real food.  The general public has no clue what they’re doing to their bodies and their families’ bodies–when their idea of homemade is a can of green beans mixed with cream of mushroom soup–or healthy is Yoplait yogurt.  So I decided that, although I don’t have much time, I do have some time. Perhaps I should just do the best that I can, when I can. So that’s what I’ll do.

Thanks for reading. I will leave you with a quote that struck a chord in me when I read it. I was pleased to identify myself in that “fledgling group” described–one who shouted out from a keyboard!  When my personal experience and learnings began to defy my medical education, I couldn’t sit back and keep my mouth shut.  (I never can.)  So, fear has been replaced with caution and I will raise my little voice here on The HSD.  I will have some construction going on and some links to old posts won’t work anymore.  I’ll slowly clean it up.  Life is a marathon, not a sprint.  Please pardon the mess.

“We started as a fledgling group of athletes, scientists, doctors, patients, parents, and skeptics who found something that seemed to work really, really well. And so we shouted it from our keyboards. We wrote books. People read our words, implemented the advice they advocated, and saw their health transform before their eyes. Now, I’m not sure we’re quite yet out of the fledgling stage, but we’re growing. You can’t deny that.”

~~From Perfect Health Diet’s Foreward, written by Mark Sisson for The Doctors Jaminets

Let’s journey onward.


1 thought on “Pulling In and Venturing Back Out

  1. Jo tB

    Hip, hip, hooray. Thank God the blog is back up! 🙂 I can now continue my reading of your butyrate articles. I agree with you that it is VERY scary to think your computer had been hacked. I know I would be freaking out big time, just thinking what information they could have gotten their hands on. I don’t keep any passwords in an electronic file, nor bank account numbers, etc. On Facebook I won’t fill in where I went to school, etc, the less they know about me the better.

    And please don’t give up on sharing information. I for one have found it very enlightening.


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