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  1. mjohnson9706

    Just wondering… If they took away the lovely commercials and the pretty writing off the front of the jar and only placed “Ingredients: …” on the fronts of the jars, would people think twice before purchasing? Which led me to ponder why “natural flavor” is an ingredient and what the heck is “natural flavor” anyways? Then again, people don’t eat food anymore, they eat “calories” in the form of “maybe food” and maybe I should just quit “wondering” so much 😉

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      That is an awesome idea! Force them to put the ingredient label right there on the front!

      We will not stop wondering! We will keep motivating so our friends and loved ones and their children can feel and function better. Why? Don’t know. Guess I like them.

      This little photo snuck in from a post I’m working on (pregnancy brain-dead–but at least not a headache or nausea!). Luckily it fit in with yesterday’s post!

      1. Shannon

        I had my 13 yo read your yesterday’s post. While I’ve been un-inspiring to her, your friend’s 11 yo’s success has lit a fire under her. (Thank you)

  2. All Seasons Cyclist

    I was raised on this toxic goop because my mother’s doctor told her it was “healthier” than mayonnaise because it was lower in fat. This was the same doctor who convinced her to stop taking vitamins because she would “got enough in her normal diet.” He was also the same guy who gave her “diet pills” and never told her to modify her diet. The statement to “never trust anyone over 30” has been attributed to both Bob Dylan and Abbie Hoffman. Here’s my statement: “Never trust an M.D. when they are talking about nutrition” (present company excepted).

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      It was a staple at my house, too!– They didn’t have it right, did they? Most, most still don’t. We lumber like dinosaurs.

      Thanks for excepting me. I appreciate that. (I’m off the hook anyway. I’m just 24. 🙂 ) And I’m sorry about your mom. And my mom, too. She still goes to the doctor and nobody has told her she needs to change her eating regarding a few issues. So I’m the loopy one. But she still suffers. (I can get my in-laws to listen to the science, but my parents–nope.)


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