Paleo Wraps Just Got Better

We tried Paleo Wraps.

Hot Spots of Today’s Post

1. Paleo Inc, the makers of Paleo Wraps (a.k.a. My-Wrap-Is-Healthier-Than-Your-Wrap), stand behind their products.

2.  Paleo Wraps were discovered to be $6.99 at my sister’s local supermarket, much less expensive than the quoted Amazon price in my original review.

3.  Today’s post is a follow-up from Review From An Amazon Sucker:  Paleo Wraps.

My Blog Finally Fed Me

An excerpt from an e-mail that showed up early the next morning after the Paleo Wrap review posted:

Thanks for the nice review of our Paleo Wraps! After reading it though I became concerned when you mentioned the Paleo Wraps partially cracked. That is not suppose to happen and typically they are very soft and never break…We would also love to send a free replacement pack to you for any wraps that were like that…Please e-mail me back your address so we can send the replacement pack (s)…

Heath Squier/Owner

The e-mail further requested some packaging information, my home address–my height, weight, and eye color, along with my children’s ages and gender–and offered to send a replacement package to my home.  It appeared completely legitimate–but sure–Mr. Squier.  Sure you’re Mr. Squier.  I don’t know about giving my address out.  My husband said, “That might be a ‘Phisher.’  Are you sure it’s okay?  Don’t do it.”  He painted pictures of kidnappings and body bags in my head.

However, I kindly e-mailed back the information he requested minus the address and personal information (which he never asked for in the first place).  I called the company’s phone number printed on the package (which I had extracted from the yucky trash when I got the e-mail) a week later when my pregnancy nausea and headache allowed me off the couch, and the phone was answered by a real, live person!  She verified that Heath Squier was the owner and had indeed sent me that e-mail.

Within two days of that call, I had two more packages of Paleo Wraps.  No cracks.  Smooth and supple.  Super pliable.  Super pliable.  (That wasn’t a typo.)  Heath Squier was right; they shouldn’t crack.  My other wraps were good, even with the cracks.  These new wraps, I can see, are how they’re supposed to be.  I guess my ones from Amazon just weren’t quite right.

To further elevate my opinion of Paleo Wraps, my sister found them in her local supermarket for $6.99 a package.  That keeps them at about the $1.00 per wrap I was shooting for.

Forget Nutrient-less Bread

Lastly, due to pregnancy, I succumbed to buying tapioca-based bread (after two years without bread–go figure).  My kids just want to inhale it plain, at the expense of other well-needed nutrients.  The whole package in one day.  This is quite an amazing, interesting, fascinating phenomenon to watch.  How kids deprived of bread, any kind of bread, but not deprived of good, delicious food will still preferentially steer towards bread!  I’ll bet I’m not the only mom who has embarked on a whole/real foods journey who has observed this.  (You want some soup?  No, I ate some bread.  Want some stir-fry?  No, I ate some bread.  Want an orange?  Nah, I ate some bread.  Want some bread?  Yes!)

Because of my experience with Heath Squier, his company, and his excellent product, I will happily be sourcing Paleo Wraps for our home.  My kids enjoy them, I will be supporting a quality act, and I can stuff them with tons and tons of vegetables and nutrient-dense goodies (those wraps can handle it!).  May Paleo Inc be successful and blessed in their endeavors.  Seems like they deserve it!  (Now, if you’re reading this one Mr. Squier, could you come up with plantain wraps for people who don’t tolerate coconut?  There’s a niche for that.  Those poor people are out there…)

Food is like a drug.  With side effects particular to each person.  Take only those foods which benefit you and cause no harm.  Choose to leave the rest behind.  Eat whole, real foods.  Listen to your body.  Not the diet book. ~~Terri

29 thoughts on “Paleo Wraps Just Got Better

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      That’s right! I’m going to ask my local supermarket to order these in, if they will. I think of you when I eat them since they are made in your homeland!

      My daughter told me this morning that Filipino children go to school at 5 am and stay until 6 pm. But they have longer weekends and holidays. She didn’t learn it in my homeschool, so don’t know where she picked that one up. LOL! Is she accurate? I’d like to let her know straight from someone who’d know!

      Thinking of you!

      1. The Vanilla Housewife

        Most schools here start classes at 7am and end at 4:30 pm but some kids have to stay for extra curricular activities/elective classes. Kids from rural areas may have to leave for school earlier because they have to walk. Here in the city, the same thing due to traffic. Sat Sun off and yes we have a lot of Holidays over here. Muslim/Catholic and other religious + commemorative holidays. 🙂

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Thanks! How are you!?

      I guess he must be scanning the internet to see what is said about his product. It’s a good product that adds a unique diversity to what can get boring! Look for a good price, though!

  1. FitMomPam

    Wow that is great customer service and for about 7 bucks I would actually consider buying them. Oh and my kids are the same way about stupid bread! It irritates me to no end. It’s just a cheap filler that happens to be so darn tasty 😦

    I wonder if Whole Foods sells them? I’ll check my local health food store too.

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Right! Big bucks, customer service, and coconut-free. Maybe we should come up with the plantain wrap–and we could make big bucks, have great customer service, and be coconut-free. Or maybe, we could just be homeschooling moms! Yep. That sounds good.

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Thought of you when I made myself call the company. I wasn’t feeling good (still pregnancy stuff) and wanted to just let it slide. Thanks for the motivation. I can think of all kinds of stuff to pack in them…from bananas to seafood!

  2. Julie

    How neat! I missed your first post about them, but am glad I caught this one…I will have to check these out. Tonight I made tacos, but ate mine in collars green leaves instead…actually, I really like them like that now or in a romaine lettuce leaf. The collars greens are a lot sturdier than the romaine, but I can see where a good old wrap would be great too!

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      The wrap is nostalgic! And a little flavorful! I have dreams of filling it with warm sliced bananas, whipped cream, and a drizzle of maple syrup…

      I have used collard greens once, too. THEY are very sturdy! Typically we just use Romaine. Crunch. Crunch.

      1. Julie

        Yeah, when you have used something for a while, it can tend to get boring. I’m just starting out on the lettuce wraps, so I’m fine with them…but there will be no deserts going into them, that’s for sure, lol! Anway, glad you found these, and if I see them, I may have to pick them up now 🙂

      2. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

        No! No! My mother-in-law put peanut butter on lettuce leaves for my kids recently when she was visiting and I was out. That one even took me back 5 steps! And they think I eat crazy! Actually, her reasoning wasn’t bad! “We put it on celery, don’t we?!” Great point. I even think my kids ate it…

  3. nontoxicnurse

    Thanks for writing about these. We will have to try them some day. I have a little one who remembers sandwiches from prior to the event that put us on GAPS and then Paleo, but has not had a sandwich since . . .


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