Reblogging: Love takes time…or does it? Bonding with your baby.

Calling all mums! My friend Rachael is tackling a perhaps taboo topic regarding moms bonding with their babies! Her words:

“Wouldn’t that be just delightful? To help a new mum feel normal when she is feeling anything but. It warms my heart to think I might be able to do something that can help during those super tough times.”

If you have a bonding story to share, would you consider doing so? It would be anonymous. We’re all in this life together; sharing makes it wonderful.

mummy flying solo

I have wanted to write this post for so long but I have really struggled with the content. I know there is something important here to talk about but I have been frightened to put it all down.  I’m mostly frightened because I don’t want for my son to one day read this and think that for one moment in his beautiful little life that I didn’t love him because that is not true at all. 

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