My Kids Are Homeschooling Me

My kids are homeschooling me.  I now know that…

…wiggling counts as P.E class.
…doodles are no less than art class. (Seriously, probably more like “Brilliance in Art.”)
…8 X 8=64 on messy tables and clean tables alike.
…even very great students had to be taught how to fold and number their papers.
…erasing is an underestimated skill.
…precise, thorough explanations will earn–drum roll, please– half results.  (No explanations earn none.)
…if mom drinks hot tea during school, kids need to drink hot tea during school.
…9:30 am start really means somewhere between 9:35 and 9:45 am.
…phone calls are like fire drills.  All semblance of school stops.
…irritated or angry screaming brings about the unintended, although quite desirable, act of laughter.
…ALL holidays and all humble rooms deserve decorations, whether the teacher thinks decorations are just excuses for messes:

Haunted bathroom

Enter at your own risk…my four-year-old won’t without me. Nice effect.

Count Dracula

Great hiding spot.

Toilet decorated for Halloween

Chills down your spine?

Decorating the toilet for Halloween

“Ghost of the butt.”

Haunted Toilet

The needed close-up. (These are taped on then covered with clear contact paper in case you want to try.)

Halloween toilet decor

Close the lid on “Ghost of the Butt” only to find “Ghost of the Plunger.” Too much GI talk going on in this house.

Halloween bathroom decoration.

Lookin’ good.

Spider on floral display

Even mom’s dainty decorations are not spared.

Happy Halloween!  Have a great week!  Do you have your Halloween candy plan ready to implement?


12 thoughts on “My Kids Are Homeschooling Me

      1. mjohnson9706

        Walmart. They have little mesh bags of 50 rings (spider or bat) and the fangs come 12 to a bag. I’m not sure how many bugs are in the creepy crawlies bag because the grandbabies were here and I fear they may have had a little creepy fun early!

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Hi! Thanks for stopping by! I love hearing from other brave, insanical souls. Doesn’t the tea one really remind you–“Monkey see, monkey do.” So I’d better watch what I’m doing? Another one I’ve noticed, also, if I chuckle, I MUST explain myself.


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