Finishing Up The Garden: Carrots and Broccoli

Homegrown carrots

We grew carrots and broccoli. Here are a few things about our carrot experience:

1. On thinning.  We did not thin the carrot plants that came up. So some are shaped like corkscrews because they fought with each other for space underground.
2. On storing in water in the fridge.  My husband harvested a bunch of carrots, and I didn’t know what to do with them to store them. So I washed some of them and put them in a bag of water in the refrigerator. They kept that way for about a month. After one month, they slimed, inside and out.  Luckily, it was my husband’s hands which found that out and not mine.
3.  On storing in a bowl in the fridge.  Some carrots I didn’t put in bags but just washed and stored in the fridge in a bowl.  They just shriveled.
3. Ground storage.  We still have about half of our carrots in the ground. This seems to be the best place to store them for now. Then, I will have my husband dig them up and put them in a garbage bag, dirt and all. They will be placed in the basement. We’ll see how this method of preserving does for the carrots.

Two of my favorite dishes with carrots include CARROT STEW and also just frying up finely-diced carrots and onions in some olive oil as a side dish. To dice the carrots quickly, I use my Pampered Chef food chopper or for a big batch, I’ll use my food processor.

BroccoliWe also grew broccoli.  I blanched it and froze a lot.  From our broccoli experience:

1.  The never-ceasing florets.  I never knew that little florets will keep coming after you harvest the head, giving you enough broccoli all summer and fall for a small side dish or addition to a salad.
2.  High sulfur.  Our homegrown broccoli seemed to be really high in sulfur.  I’m a broccoli lover, and it was a bit strong!  I found that if I was making roasted broccoli, and I let the broccoli sit in the fridge, marinating in the garlic and olive oil, the sulfur flavor diminished dramatically.

My kids will eat broccoli very well.  We use it in broccoli soup, which they love.  Also, they will eat roasted broccoli. (Just toss the broccoli with olive oil and some garlic or garlic powder and place on a cookie sheet in the oven at 400 degrees F for about 20 minutes.  Just watch.  You don’t want it burned!)  My husband’s favorite is lightly steamed broccoli quickly stir-fried in a bit of toasted sesame oil/honey combination, with an orange squeezed over top, kind of an Asian flair.

I hope you have a wonderful Friday. I’m off to teach Chemistry to the homeschool group. A humbling experience.  Why do they have to ask questions?  (Can’t they see I’m a bit rusty?  A floundering fish hanging on the line before 13 middle school/high school students?  Can’t they see I really want to lecture on butyrate and colon health?)


11 thoughts on “Finishing Up The Garden: Carrots and Broccoli

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Thank you, My Journey Thru M.E., the class went well. A few questions I have to look up! I was hoping the carrots would last for months that way, but it was only month. So I’m going to try the carrots in dirt in a trash bag in the basement next.

  1. The Vanilla Housewife

    Now I am really envious! I have always wanted a garden. My great grandma had a great backyard and she had so many flowering plants and different kinds of trees and vegetables. Living right smack in the city does not allow me to grow my own garden. I only have a lemon tree which has not grown more than 2 feet after 5 years because it is in a small pot. I have yet to see it bear fruit. LOL

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Thanks! It was a good year, much better than I ever hoped for my first “real” garden. We tried in South Carolina, but the heat really required you stay on top of watering, and with the kids running around crazy, I wasn’t so diligent!

  2. All Seasons Cyclist

    Now that our garden is about finished for the season my wife has been making vegetable soup a LOT! She doesn’t mind freezing the vegetables, but prefers to use as much as possible while it is still fresh.

  3. IrishMum

    Wow, you must have planted a heap of carrots. We never have enough to store, my boys are savages!! I am growing our first broccoli this year, wish me luck!!

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