Passion Fruit

Interior of a passion fruit

To change the way you eat, you have to learn to be afraid of nothing. No vegetable preparation can intimidate you. No cut of meat can make you sit down.  YOU are UNCONQUERABLE.

Here is a tropical fruit whose appearance is a bit, well, yucky. I can just hear my mom say, “Ooooh. You’re going to eat that?” But despite the gelatinous–looking-glop look, oh, how delicious!

They look better when the skin is smooth and plump, but they taste better when the skin is shriveled and shrunken. Little bumps and “bruises” on Exterior of a passion fruitthe skin don’t bother the fruit any.  We like to let them shrivel up–if we can wait that long to eat them!  If they get too shriveled, they actually seem to get a little alcoholic.  I like them shriveled, but not too shriveled.  We let them ripen up at room temperature like we would a banana.  My husband told me if we can’t get too them fast enough, they store well just popped into the freezer.  But we haven’t had to do that!

There are yellow varieties and purple.  Our favorite is the purple.

We like to just wash them, slice them in half, and eat them with a spoon. Nature provides the perfect bowl for some things!Eaten passion fruit

They are commonly made into juice. But I wouldn’t know whether to put them in my blender, my juicer, or my fine mesh sieve. Sounds messy. We just eat them.  Commercial passion fruit juices almost always are processed catastrophes.

They have a fragrantly sweet taste with a pleasantly tart tang and are very juicy. What to akin it to? I don’t know. Let’s see. Maybe kiwi. Maybe pineapple.

So don’t be afraid of nothin’.  No fruit, vegetable, or meat cut can intimidate me anymore.  How about you?  You still lettin’ food scare you?

Would love to hear if you’ve tried this delectable fruit!  Or conversely, I’d love to hear of specific foods that you have wanted to try but don’t know how to cook.  And even if I don’t hear anything, go bravely into the whole food world, creating better health for you and your family.

One more line, from my emergency medicine friend, a full-time doctor and mother of three.:  “Terri, I made a whole foods meal from scratch.  I had to load the dishwasher and wash dishes by hand…I think I’ll have the kitchen cleaned and ready to make another meal like that again in…ummm…about two weeks.”


14 thoughts on “Passion Fruit

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      If you see them now, I do hope you’ll pick up a couple! My husband loves a jicama salad. Peel jicama outer layer off with a knife, like you would a potato. Cube it into small cubes (1/4-1/2 inch). Toss with chopped cucumber, raspberries, pineapple, lemon juice, and a touch of salt and honey. Sprinkle with ground red pepper. A light summer salad. I do wonder about cooking it. I’ll have to look that up. Wonder how it’d do in a soup.

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Yes! Exactly like a pomegranate! Good call! You do eat the seeds, but it’s more gelatinous and juicy around the seeds, whereas the pomegranate is more like a “pop” when you eat each fleshy seed. And the pomegranate, although I love them too, is a pain in the butt to get prepared. These are just slice and eat. Apparently some varieties may have a bitter taste to the seed, but these shown do not. They are heaven.

  1. Youngish Sister

    I remember the passionfruit mojito I had in Grand Cayman at The Lighthouse. It was very good. Probably not the way I’m supposed to consume of the passionfruit though, eh??? lol

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Those are the best! (The next is to be said in a sage, wise, deep voice): If giving way to one does not give way to the abyss… (Said in a lighthearted, happy voice): Then go get your mojito! ?This winter?

  2. IrishMum

    We love them, and this year I am attempting to grow my own!!
    Haha, baby steps for your emergency medicine friend, baby steps in the right direction, and keeping moving 🙂

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      You are growing them? You are SO lucky! What a wonderful climate you must have! Makes my bones ache for that sun! And as for my friend, I really wish it was easier. But the beginning is not easy, is it? Once you’re through the initial changes, it’s not so bad at all! Happy Friday! Oh, the weekend!

  3. mummyflyingsolo

    I LOVE passionfruit and have a very well established vine in my back yard. When it fruits I have so many that I ended up freezing the pulp. It keeps really well. They are great on icecream if you have a “healthy” version at all. They are also great scooped over fruit salad. 🙂

    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      That is so neat! Do you scoop it out before you freeze it? Do you just scoop it into a freezer safe bowl or bag? I do have a coconut ice cream I make, and I’ll bet that flavor would really go well with it! My husband loves them, and he orders them from like California or Florida each year. They are a special treat for us! Thank you so much for the tips!

  4. Didi

    Passion fruit juice is very delicious! When I buy maracujás (how we call it), in the blender the seeds are easily crushed then filter out with the juice strainer. Passion fruit mousse and also cupuçu mousse is one of the best mousses ever! (cupuaçu is an amazonian fruit common in Brazil, Venezuela)


    1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

      Didi, the mousse and cupucu sound so interesting to try! We love to try “exotic” fruit. Soursop is another favorite of ours. One day, I’d like to live where I could have access to these fruits!


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