Learning to Love Three Day Weekends

Three girls walking

Long weekends are never breaks for most moms.  More chaos.  More mess.  More clutter.  More cooking.  More cleaning.  Less time for mom.

Little hands grow.  Silence comes.  Scissors will stay in the drawer.  Hairbrushes in the bathroom.  Pillows tidy on the couch.  All those shoes will walk out my door on grown up feet.

What am I so uptight about?

Have a great Labor Day weekend!  Life is fleeting.  Live it well.

“Mama, will you read to me?” 

Gotta’ get off this time-sucking machine and go read The Giving Tree.  It’s her favorite.


8 thoughts on “Learning to Love Three Day Weekends

  1. Valerie

    They do grow SO fast and then the requests and demands cease. As crazy as some days are, I will miss it, for sure and I realize how very blessed I am to be getting to start all over with Samuel. 😀

  2. Linda

    Excellent advice HSD! I am always telling myself to lighten up and “not sweat the small stuff.” It’s so easy to get wrapped up in the moment and not focus on the big picture. Thank you for helping us to see this. 🙂


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