Part 1: A Success Story In Using the GAPS Diet to Stop Absence Seizures!

Over the next several days, I will be running an unedited story from Dan and Tammy Kinder of Missouri.  They chose to use dietary intervention, GAPS, when their son developed absence seizures, and they kindly wanted to share their story with the rest of us.  Thank you.

Please know that I am not editing their story or words, even though in places, I certainly would have changed explanations or taken a different approach.  Also know that seeking help from a traditional medical doctor is where I always suggest starting.  Never in your life would you want to miss a diagnosis of diabetes, hypothyroidism, leukemia, brain tumor, or any other life-threatening diagnosis that traditional doctors are trained to screen for and diagnose.

My blog is to encourage awareness that food treats the body like any drug, with good and bad effects (even “healthy” foods); most doctors don’t know or adhere to this.   I am not advocating GAPS; I am advocating a hard look at what goes in that mouth and how it affects the rest of the body (and brain).  You cannot take anybody else’s word on what is good for you; you have to take the word of your own body.

A big thank you to the Kinder Family of Missouri for sharing their story about how they feel GAPS cured their sons seizure disorder!

(Again, please use nothing I say for diagnosis and treatment of health problems.  It is not meant for that.)

A Success Story In Using the GAPS Diet to Stop Absence Seizures!

By Dan and Tammy Kinder

I feel like I have to start my story years ago, so you can understand the reasons we chose the treatment options that we did. About 13 years ago, my husband started having several symptoms including being extremely tired. Seemingly out of no where he was sleeping 10, 12 and even 18 hours a day. Even though he was sleeping for so long, he would still wake up feeling tired. He had many other different symptoms that would come and go, but tiredness was the consistent one. For the next two years he went to thirteen (13) different doctors. He started with his primary care physician. After several misdiagnoses and failed treatments, he turned to another M.D. and then another. He went to specialists of all kinds including a lengthy treatment by an allergy specialist. After none of these conventional doctors helped and desperate to regain his health, he decided to try some alternative doctors like naturopathic doctors and chiropractic internists. It seemed with every new doctor, there was a new supplement or some new therapy or treatment that would make the difference in his condition. Of course there were some minor successes through it all, but no significant long term improvements.

During the first year, my husband ran into an old friend that told him about the benefits of juicing, specifically juicing carrots. Desperate to regain his health, my husband decided to give juicing a try. He bought a juicer and began drinking 4-6 eight ounce glasses of fresh carrot juice everyday. The benefits of juicing were evident within the first week. Instead of sleeping ten to twelve hours per night and waking up feeling drained, he was only sleeping 8-9 hours a night and waking up feeling refreshed. Many of his other symptoms would come and go, but there was no doubt the carrot juice made a tremendous difference.

Nearly two years after his initial symptoms, he had someone recommend a new doctor in the area. He made an appointment and to my husband’s surprise, the doctor took a long time asking questions, trying to figure out the source of the symptoms. The doctor was very methodical in assessing his condition and trying to find a diagnosis. He went through each symptom and would order tests to rule out possible disorders. If the tests were not to the doctor’s satisfaction, he would send my husband to a specialist to investigate more. This process of testing and ruling out disorders went on for several months. The doctor had exhausted every avenue he could think of and he still had no diagnosis. He sent my husband home and told him to come back in a month so he could have some time to think about all the testing and results. When my husband returned, the doctor still had no diagnosis. The doctor then went back asking about the symptoms again. As they discussed the symptoms, the doctor suddenly had an idea. He took an instrument and looked into my husband’s nasal passage and quickly determined he had sinusitis. Next, my husband was sent to an ear, nose and throat (ENT) specialist who diagnosed him with chronic sinusitis. The ENT explained that after getting a sinus infection that it would take him 3-6 weeks to get over it before another sinus infection would come. So it was basically a perpetual infection that almost never went away for just over two years. The sinus infection suppressed his immune system causing viruses that were already in his body to multiply and show other symptoms. From mono to shingles to many other conditions, the persistent sinus infection allowed viruses and bacterium to run wild. It also zapped his energy causing him to be tired all the time and require more sleep. The most amazing part of this was that through thirteen doctors, over two years of suffering and sickness, thousands of dollars spent, countless different treatments and supplements the cause of all his problems was a simple sinus infection. Yet virtually all the doctors missed it or misdiagnosed it…

cropped-hsd-line-drawing_edited-1.jpgPlease check in tomorrow for Part 2.

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