There’s Nothing Wrong With Simplifying Things

wpid-IMAG0940.jpgTry saying “no” to others outside of your house this week.

Try saying “yes” to those inside of your house this week.

Protect those evening hours for family as long, as hard, and as often as you can this year.

Decide to withdraw yourself and your children from activities that no longer seem beneficial for those involved.  You know the ones.  The ones your spirit grumbles inside about.  Try the activity again next year as the kids are older or life has changed.  Feel guilty a moment and then live in the freedom.  Find peace, but don’t be selfish.   It’s not about you.  It’s about family dynamics. You can teach Sunday School when the kids are older.  The kids can take up piano in fifth grade rather than kindergarten.  You can play in the volleyball league next year. 

You need help.  Do chores together with those in the house.  Laugh when they don’t do it right.  And then laugh at yourself because you’re upset that they’re not folding a towel right.  You heard me.  Folding a towel right.

Get rid of stuff, and don’t buy more.  Clutter hurts.  Having extra money in a pinch soars.

Get off of media and technology.  I swear we’re raising a generation that can’t communicate, relate, and recognize reality.  I refuse to accept that for my children.  (Got to go now myself.)

There’s nothing wrong with simplifying things.  Go on.  Give it a try.  You can.  You’re allowed.  What are you afraid of?


Still in the draft bin:  Beet Salad and More Metametrix

4 thoughts on “There’s Nothing Wrong With Simplifying Things

  1. rachelmeeks

    On a day when I’m feeling overwhelmed with guilt for trying to get out of an activity so that I can be with my husband more and we can start building a family, this came at just the right time. Thank you.


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