A Saturday of Crafts

I know you’re wondering how you can get one of these groovy chandeliers!  Don’t worry.  I have two more where this comes from!  A wpid-IMAG1035.jpgpink one and a green one!  Complements of three crafty girls who got their hands on an Ipad and Pinterest.

And I can’t get you these adorable shoes.wpid-IMAG1029.jpg

But you can make them on your own for your favorite American Girl Doll, along with hand made skirt and wpid-IMAG1036.jpgtube top.  For the complete outfit you just need thin cardboard, old thin fabric, raffia, glue, a little bling accessory, and two old socks with the bottoms cut off.

I hate crafts.  It’s called lack of patience and distaste for a mess.  But three little girls love crafts and making messes.  And what’d I have them for, if not to s-t-r-e-t-c-h a lot.  That’s what it’s all about.

Posts in the Draft Bin:
GAPS Re(intro) Update
Coconunt Ice Cream
Metametrix Continued
Beet salad

6 thoughts on “A Saturday of Crafts

      1. Jackie

        Here’s an easy craft I like. You may have done it already. –Take a 3 hole punch and a bunch of construction paper. You can separate by color or not. Punch bunches of holes and dump the resulting “dots” into bowls. They can make designs on paper with glue, sprinkle dots over it, then tilt loose dots off.

  1. Valerie

    Very cute! And what a good mommy to do those things even though you’re not a “Craft” person. 😀 Btw, I love the Posts in the Draft Bin idea!! Shows what you’re working on and gives us an idea of what to look forward to. Love it!

  2. IrishMum

    I’m not very crafty, but my kids are. I just get them the stuff they need and leave them to it! Stretching is good. We should all do it more, leave our comfort zones and experience new things. Kids really help with that 😉


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