A Saturday of Crafts

I know you’re wondering how you can get one of these groovy chandeliers!  Don’t worry.  I have two more where this comes from!  A wpid-IMAG1035.jpgpink one and a green one!  Complements of three crafty girls who got their hands on an Ipad and Pinterest.

And I can’t get you these adorable shoes.wpid-IMAG1029.jpg

But you can make them on your own for your favorite American Girl Doll, along with hand made skirt and wpid-IMAG1036.jpgtube top.  For the complete outfit you just need thin cardboard, old thin fabric, raffia, glue, a little bling accessory, and two old socks with the bottoms cut off.

I hate crafts.  It’s called lack of patience and distaste for a mess.  But three little girls love crafts and making messes.  And what’d I have them for, if not to s-t-r-e-t-c-h a lot.  That’s what it’s all about.

Posts in the Draft Bin:
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Beet salad

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