Our Homeschooling Summer School Rules


1.  1-2 days of Saxon Math worksheets and one day of flashcards required.

2.  Spanish lessons three times weekly are mandatory.  Twice with our tutor and once with Rosetta Stone.

3.  Piano with mom 3-5 times weekly, as her patience and stamina permit.

4.  Read whatever fiction books you want, but please be quiet and read.

5.  Playing with friends, aside from time with the Spanish teacher, comes first.  But whatever you do, don’t ask mom to play.  My mom never played with me, and I turned out fine.  And, PLEASE, play OUTSIDE.

6.  Enroll kids in lots of day camps so they’re learning, having fun, and I get a break.

7.  Sleep in as late as you want, but not so late you start cutting into my break time (day camp).

8.  No schoolwork when we go on vacation.

9.  Snacks are to be fresh fruits and vegetables.  Breakfast and lunch, too.

10.  Enjoy summer, go barefoot, be a kid.  Let me love and hug you as I watch you grow.  You are special.  And I am proud.

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