Mumbling Monday

In lieu of a real post, I’m going to toss out a couple of mumbles.

wpid-IMAG0977-1.jpg1.  When the greens come on this hot and heavy, it leaves me with no choice but to throw them in a big pot and boil them down in a bit of broth, water, and leftover bacon drippings.  Nothing gourmet.  Nothing savory.  Do they taste great?  No.  Do they taste bad?  No.  Then eat them.

2.  We are trying a dairy reintroduction with homemade fully fermented raw milk yogurt.  Except, like the greens, I boil mine.  The milk that is.  No raw milk ingestion in this house.  The older kids seem to be doing well with the yogurt, but I kid you not, the youngest gets bloody noses when she eats dairy.  She also chooses, for some reason, to not eat the yogurt anymore.  Self-selection I presume.

I failed my dairy re-trial.  I ate it for three days, and I had a throbbing head for three days that wouldn’t think like I wanted it to and some minor diarrhea (which I always celebrate).  After the headache went away, I tried it again with just a spoonful.  Today I have a headful of pressure, call it a headache if you want, that just doesn’t want to think like I want it to.

So a mumbling Monday.

Do you tolerate dairy?  How do you know, either way?

Do you have a favorite greens recipe?  I have collards, kale, and chard coming on like crazy.


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