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wpid-IMAG0236.jpgUpdate on the church letter regarding implementation of a snack policy with only fruits and vegetables (a maverick idea, I know):

For months, since undertaking what some consider a “radical” nutritional overhaul (feel free to peruse the horrible fare I subject myself and my family to daily), I have become increasingly alarmed at what we use as fuel sources for our bodies.

Really, as a medical doctor, I was way too nice, even with my brittle diabetics and cholesterolics (not a real medical term), but how was I to have a clue?  I just let the nutritionists teach my patients all about the skewed food pyramid, grain and starch reliance, and let myself struggle with trying to adjust their insulin and Lipitor.

However, since I was slapped so rudely in the face, I thought I should make everybody else suffer, too.  Why suffer alone?  I never do.

I wrote a letter, using my professional initials, which have been changed to stand for “Mother Dear”–and which are really quite rusty and creaky–to our church, requesting implementation of a new snack policy.  Every Sunday (today it was Starburst, Skittles, and “gummies”) my children are given candy in both Sunday School and children’s church.  Cavities, anyone?  ADHD?  Constipation?  Tummy aches?  Headaches?  Food allergies?  Childhood obesity?  Early diabetes?  Which problem do you want to deal with?

I received a kind letter from our pastor about 8 days later.

It seems like a breach of confidence to post the letter, but to summarize the bottom line…like in all good, large organizations, it’s going before a committee.

On a serious note, I once watched a friend in another state struggle with this very same issue at her son’s school.  I was still obliviously feeding my kids Pop Tarts and Nutella at the time, and I skeptically thought incorporating better food choices into school lunch a pretty big task to tackle.

I had no idea in my own family that three of us were dairy intolerant, another had a wheat sensitivity that exacerbated her chronic allergic symptoms, and I had trouble with eggs and nuts, too.  I was somewhat sympathetic to my friend’s cause, but I really didn’t see a way for change.  As with all things, once you have to take on a challenge yourself, it becomes more dear to your heart.   Now I really know just how big and important it really is!  (Thank you my friend!)

We need to push our families and children towards more whole food choices and save processed foods for real treats, if you must.  Our schools, churches, and extra-curricular activity leaders need to be involved in helping us.

I will keep you posted on the outcome at our church.

Enjoy the rest of your day!  Watch what goes in your mouth.  Is it truly edifying for your head, sinuses, or gastrointestinal tract?  Listen to your body.  It will try to tell you.  And what works for one, may not work for another (like dairy, wheat, or nuts).  “Healthy” is NOT one size fits all.  Checking out…


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