I Let You Down

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Why?  Why a blog and interest in Facebook?  Very against the grain.

It’s my guilty conscience.  I let you down.

Those headaches we did an MRI for?  Gluten.
The constipation we did a colonoscopy for?  Dairy.
The dysthymia I stuck you on Zoloft for?  Eggs and gluten.
The vaginitis we slapped with some Diflucan?  Too much sugar and too little probiotic.
The sinuses we CT scanned and squirted with Flonase?  Dairy and nuts.
The allergies we pricked you 15 times for and calmed with some Zyrtec and Singulair?  Wheat and other grass-type grains.
The acne we smeared goop on?  Dairy and gluten.

Did I ever tell you?  No.  Did my partner ever tell you?  No.  Did the specialist I referred you to ever tell you?  No.

Did the internet tell you?  It tried.

Well, when my health needed fixed, the internet told me.  And I’m measuring the information against my medical measuring stick, and it’s holding up.  So with this blog, I’m trying to get the information out there.  So I can sleep at night.  Altruism.  Pure altruism.

I want you to feel good!  You deserve it, and you’ll probably never get there with the American food pyramid, the American Diabetic Association, and American Cardiac Association Guidelines.

Upside down, iside out, just flat out misleading.  Stick to vegetables, fruits, and meats.  You may have to ditch grains completely.

Upside-down, inside-out, just flat out misleading. Stick to vegetables, fruits, and meats. You may have to ditch grains completely.

Change will not be an easy road, but a year later, I feel better than I ever have.  No headaches.  No brain fog.  Great energy all day.  Great sleep at night.  Clear sinuses.  No more adult acne (except when I get my face waxed).  Libido rebounding (now that really is altruism to say that).  Acceptable sweet cravings.  Ten pounds of weight loss maintained.  I can go on and on.  Of course there are things still lagging, but I plan to stay the course, experimenting here and there, to see if I can remedy them.

I would absolutely love your questions!  Facebook them.  Text them.  Comment them.  Telephone them.  I want this blog to be pertinent to what people want to know to get nutritional intervention going in their families.  The diet I follow (GAPS) isn’t for everybody, but its backbone of whole foods is.  Its idea that we all can tolerate and not tolerate certain foods resonates with me.

What do you want to see?  Tell me.  Tell me.

Do you prefer recipes?  Tips?  Science?  Personal stories on how it’s going here?

The best to you and yours…

Terri (Fites, MD)


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