What I Like from US Wellness Meats

wpid-IMAG0514.jpgI like the idea and theory that grass-fed animals have a better omega-3 profile than grain-fed animals.  We buy local grass-fed South Dakota beef, loved as much as a beef cow can be loved by its owner.  Our most recent purchase came in at $3.00 per pound across all cuts.  However, sometimes, I like to vary it up a bit with sausage I don’t have to make or have some hot dogs for the kids.  I have been purchasing from US Wellness Meats for this purpose.  Their delivery service has been impeccable:  prompt and always frozen solid.  I have been happy with their service.

As with all things, some people will like things and some people won’t.  Grass-fed beef has a different flavor, and took a little getting used to.  Depends on what grass they ate.  Where the grass grew.  How much fat they had on them.  Many factors.  If you’ve had ghee, I feel like strong-flavored grass-fed meat tastes like ghee.  I don’t notice it much at all in my hamburger and hamburger dishes.  Steaks, roasts, and broths have a stronger flavor.  I make sure and marinate my steaks well to help mellow that flavor.

We’ve tried several things from US Wellness Meats.  Since the meat is more expensive, it’s nice to know what other people have tried and liked.  I am going to list what we’ve tried and what we thought of it, in hopes that somebody may benefit from our experiences.

Awesome and I like to keep on hand:

Sugar free pork breakfast sausage

Beef breakfast sliders

Wild pink shrimp

Good and I like to keep on hand:

Sugar free beef franks

Beef snack sticks nitrate and MSG free

Beef jerky sticks spicy

Good and I occasionally buy:


Beef snack stick ends–They are often out of these otherwise I’d stock up on these.  The kids like them.

Medium marrow bones

Won’t buy again

Polish kielbasa beef sausage–I think my homemade sausage tastes better than this.  It wasn’t bad, but not worth the price.

Beef tenderloin Wellington–I didn’t add enough seasoning probably, and the grass-fed flavor shone through.  Not a bad thing, but it was too strong for our palates.  However, it was very moist.

Free range drumsticks–No issues with the flavor or anything.  They’re fed grains, so I figured since I can get chicken less expensive at the supermarket, I’ll just go ahead and get fresh.

Liverwurst–Probably a delicious liverwurst.  I’m not a liver lover, so I couldn’t get past that.  I gave it to my Romanian friend, and she thought it was great.  She didn’t think the liver flavor was strong at all and could tell there were other organs in there besides liver.  I’m not that good.

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