Easter Rumba Shakers (Maracas)

My daughter cruises the internet for craft ideas.  She found one, and we modified it for Easter.  So the original idea is not ours.wpid-IMAG0348-1.jpg


  •  2 plastic forks (or spoons)
  • Plastic Easter egg
  • Dried beans, split peas, or other such items that will rattle
  • Tape (and/or hot glue)
  • Tissue Paper
  • Ribbon
  • Paint and paintbrushes, if desired


1.  Fill plastic egg with some dried beans or split peas (not too many or your maraca won’t rattle) and then snap the egg closed.  Tape the seams so the egg won’t fall open.

wpid-IMAG0350-1.jpg2.   Next, place the Easter egg between the prongs of the two plastic forks.  Tape the egg to the prongs so it won’t fall out.  We used Scotch tape, but duct tape would be good too.

3.  Tape handle of plastic forks together (alternatively you could hot glue them together).

4.  Once the egg is securely taped on and the handles fixed together, use tissue paper to cover the top of the egg and cut to size.

5.  Secure tissue paper with a ribbon.

6.  Paint the handles of the forks desired color (alternatively you could do this before you put on the tissue paper, but my kids wanted to rattle it so we just did painting last).  Dot paint onto tissue paper for further decoration.

7.  Shake, shake, shake it up!

Have a Happy Easter!

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