Save Your Back–A Pot Rack!

MY POT RACK:   When you are on the GAPS diet/SCD diet or any whole foods diet and you homeschool, you live in your kitchen!  My awesome father- in-law pot rackpicked this out for me and installed it during his last visit.  I think my in-laws got tired of bending over and putting things away in the bottom cupboards when they visited!  I know I sure was sick of bending over.  I love my pot rack.  Anything I can put up there, I do!  I purchased it from  It is a Range Kleen Oval Pot Rack in stainless steel.  He said it was easy to install.  Love it!  I did not center it over the stove because I did not want it to get splattered on from whatever was cooking below.

Addendum:  I have had this up now for about 6 months.  I am still very pleased with it.  I haven’t measured the amount of weight I hang up there, but I know it’s pushing the limit stated.  At least.  Positioned as it is, I haven’t had a problem with the appliance and pots/pans getting spattered with oil from the stove below.  Really, I still couldn’t be happier with this little kitchen addition.

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