An Online Game for Practicing Syllable Division

Finding online games to help practice problem areas can be time consuming for a parent when homeschooling.  I know there are TONS of good online games out there, but sorting through them for me is too time consuming.  So I just usually leave ’em be.

Today, I took time to regroup for our semester, and I decided we were a little weak on grasping syllable division.  We have already used up our worbook pages on syllables in Explode the Code and other printed resources that I found online for free in the past.  And I didn’t want to sign up to become a member of anything to get more practice worksheets, but in searching I came across this site with free site with fun stuff!

In case you think your students are weak on syllable division, too, you may want to check out .

I only did the syllable games.  I looked at K-2 and 3-5.  Some games had 4 words and some had 8.  Eight words doesn’t sound like many, but it was enough in one game!  I played a few games of eight words, and it was just right.  The words are fairly challenging, and you can click on the hints to give you the rules for dividing up the words to help you.  I got stumped on “liq-uid” and had to look it up to make sure they were correct.  They were.

Any favorite websites that are free and easy to navigate that you use?

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