More Fun Than Decorating Cookies!

We made these cute snowmen for the preschool snack this afternoon!  My three daughters and I worked together, and it was lots of fun.  No big mess to speak of and cute results.  Even the 3 year old could cut bananas, dot on the chocolate chips, and slide on the “hat”.  It was a nice, healthy alternative to decorating sugar cookies (which still has its necessary place!).  I love activities my kids can really do without my interference.  This is one of ’em!  Took us about 45 minutes to make them all.  We didn’t dip the bananas in anything to keep them from browning.  They had to sit about 2 hours, and covered tightly with plastic wrap–they made it fine


We used:

1. Bananas for body
2. Half a cherry tomato for the sock hat
3. A raisin for the sock hat ball
4. Enjoy Life chocolate chips (gluten free dairy free) for eyes and buttons (tiny black currants would work for dietary restrictions)
5. Circular slices of carrots then sliced into tiny “triangles” for nose
6. Red cabbage (pulled out of a salad mix!) Cut into little pieces for mouth
7. Fruit roll up (ours happened to be homemade) cut into skinny rectangles for scarf


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