Today’s GAPS Checklist

1.  Introduce coconut milk again.

2.  Thaw the bulk chicken livers and divide into portions.  So I’ll actually use them.

3.  Thaw and divide the bulk chicken feet for broth.  And explain why there are feet in the sink to my kids in such a way they’ll still be able to stomach the soups I make.  And me, too.  Yuck-y.

4.  Make  preschool snack.

5.  Do something with those nuts that have been soaking.  Forever.

6.  Plan next year’s meal plans.  ‘Cause it takes me that long to get things cooked on this gut rehab diet.  No–wait–maybe I’ll tolerate coconut milk again.  Oh–no–maybe eggs will be out.  Or nuts.  Oh, maybe I’ll just wait.

7.  Surf net for possible almond flour sugar cut-out cookie to try to replace our favorite old flour recipe.  Because I’d be sad to give up our annual Thanksgiving Christmas baking tradition when my sisters all come to visit us.  RRRRRRR.

8.  Take Epsom’s salts bath with bergamot essential oil for the headache from the coconut milk.  Relax.  Life is good.

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