The Tooth Fairy Called The Candy Fairy


I made my idea of a Halloween Treat:

But my kids preferred their idea of a Halloween Treat:

I am so happy the tooth fairy still visits our house!  Lucky, in fact!  When I heard that the tooth fairy called the candy fairy to please gather all the candy before kids’ teeth rotted and had to be pulled out, I was ecstatic.  My oldest daughter has already had a tooth pulled out under anesthesia.  Not a good experience for us.  So I let my kids know as soon as I possibly could about the news!  Tonight, I guess, the candy fairy will gather all Halloween candy up and she will take it away.  I don’t know if she’ll leave anything behind in its place or not.  We’ll just have to find out!

Why will the poor candy fairy have to work so hard tonight?  Because mom already has said “no” to candy on many, many other occasions.  On Halloween, it’s candy for lunch, snack, and supper.  Then, I don’t want to hear another word about candy until Christmas.

The giver of candy is always the good-guy, even when they say “Ask your mommies and daddies before you eat it.”

Mommy is the bad-guy.  She then has to deal with this:

Post-dance class break-down after Skittles were confiscated.

Candy is no longer a treat.  Kids get it nearly every day.  At school.  From the speech therapist.  From the dance teacher.  From Sunday School teachers.  From the bank.  Childhood obesity doesn’t start at the school lunch line.  It is our allowance of processed, junky food that is too readily available in all places.  And when I say “no” to this invasion, the above picture is what I deal with for the next hour.

Please don’t offer candy.  Please.

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