Is It Eggs?

Quick post as we are visiting family on vacation and internet access is spotty here in rural Indiana.  But a few days ago I introduced egg whites as I went through the GAPS diet introduction diet (again).  For one week, the bowels had been moving along adequately enough using Steve and Jordan’s ( suggested tweaks and going through the GAPS diet introduction protocol!  Small urges to have a bowel movement.  It was exciting to say the least!  Yes, I know it sounds crazy to be excited to poop.  That’s just the way it is around here.  Even my husband’s mood improves when I poop.  Crazy.  But the day after delicious, yummy, delectable egg whites got started, no urge whatsoever.  Figured it was not abnormal for me to skip a day of pooping (or two or three or more), so I kept eating them.  Nothing.  No urge at all while egg whites were on board for about 4 days.  Took them back out after the farm-fresh expensive eggs were all gone.  Things seem to be coming back around!  Could dairy and egg whites be culprits?  I’m not absolutely sure.  But I’ll keep working through this.  If it’s something in my food doing this, I WILL figure it out!  I will leave no stone unturned.  I am going to give GAPS/SCD my full effort so I can rest at ease knowing I’ve tried as hard as I can.  Will continue seeking help through my colleagues in medicine.  Wasn’t entirely happy with the general surgeon’s thinking he could help me with Miralax and fiber.  Been there.  No help.  Although I agree I need a colonoscopy.  Will proceed to get a second opinion from a gastroenterologist in another city.  The referral is set up.  I just need to make the appointment.

6 thoughts on “Is It Eggs?

  1. Katie

    Hello. My story is very similar to yours. I would write more but this is a very old post. I’ll wait to see if you reply. 😃. I hope you are better

      1. thehomeschoolingdoctor Post author

        No, but by doing it I learned that if I eat a whole food diet (vegetables, fruits, meats, starches like potatoes, plantains, sweet potato), and I take a little magnesium in the form of magnesium Calm brand. Then, everything is manageable. Deviate from that, and it is not. But these diets did not cure. Made things manageable.

  2. Emma

    So interesting isn’t it. I have recently tried to reintroduce eggs after a few years gap, as we got pet chooks. And now my constipation has come back. Seems to stop any urge, like you say and can go 2/3 days without and then have to do an enema. Also got bad cramping and a headache. I too wasn’t healed on gaps. Think was too high histamine. Now I eat what you do with a few grains like rice, buckwheat, quinoa and amaranth (although not many). I think for people with a compromised microbiome, eggs, dairy and high histmaine foods (that GAPS is based on) can cause problems. And grains and legumes can be problematic too. And seed oils. So hard to know sometimes! I’ve been on my healing journey over 14 years, and whilst I have healed heaps, I have never fully healed. I think if you have had chronic gut issues, it will remain your weak point and you will be sensitive to certain things and have to avoid them. Otherwise get flare ups. I see you’re homeschooling too. I’m gearing up to as well, with my 3 year old when he gets there. Nice to have come across your post.


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